Author: Devon Williams

An aspiring writer with a Bachelors of Fine Arts, what interests Devon most is the history of gaming. Whether from Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, or even Sega, Atari, and NEC, he's always willing to learn more about the rich tapestry of gaming. He's interested in nearly any genre, and always reviews things with a critical eye towards gaming's past.


Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion Remastered Review: An Adventure Not Worth Forgetting

It's another madcap shooting masterpiece from Night Dive. Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion finally escapes imprisonment from the Nintendo 64, and makes it's way to modern consoles in glorious 4K 120 FPS. Travel through cities, military bases, an...

6.5 Fair

Robocop: Rogue City Review: OCP’s Finest (PS5)

RoboCop is back in his best game yet. From the creators of Terminator: Resistance comes a high action 80's inspired shootout. As RoboCop, battle criminal scum, killer robots, and your own mind, with the original voice of RoboCop, Peter Well...

9 Amazing
Crymachina Review Cover_B

CRYMACHINA Review: No Gold Stars for You! (PS5)

To be, or not to be. That is the question for Crymachina, the latest action game from NIS. As one of three badass android gals, battle your way through a massive spaceship and fight for the future of the human race in this hack and slash ad...

4 Poor

Rhapsody: Marl Kingdom Chronicles Review: Live From Broadway! (Switch)

A pair of classic NIS JRPGs have made it outside of Japan for the first time in the form of Rhapsody: Marl Kingdom Chronicles. Rhapsody II and III mark the first time that western fans can see the continuing adventures of Cornet and her dau...

5.5 Average
30XX Review Cover

30XX Review: She Truly Was a Mega Man (Switch)

If you like Mega Man and are upset that Capcom is ignoring the franchise, then 30XX is here for you. A roguelite action game, battle through an infinite army of robots as either the master swordsman Ace or the expert sharpshooter Nina, in e...

8.5 Great

Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion Remaster Announced

Night Dive Studios is at it again, and a Turok 3 Remaster is their next release. They're masters of FPS remasters, with Quake I and II, Powerslave Exhumed, Blood Fresh Supply, and Doom 64 being just a few of their many wonderful releases. I...

Double Dragon Gaiden Review Cover

Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons Review: Abobo Smash!

Double Dragon is back! It's an all out brawl as Billy and Jimmy Lee fight to defend New York City in a brand new roguelite adventure. With over a dozen playable characters and myriad upgrades and unlocks to get, it's an arcade throwback tha...

7 Good
Front Mission 1st PS5 Cover

Front Mission 1st Review: Full Frontal Assault (PS5)

War has never been so much fun. And giant robots are the reason why. As proud pilot Royd Clive, enter the midst of a futuristic battlefield in the remake of Front Mission 1st, where towering mechs known as Wanzers are the main weapons of wa...

6 Fair
Rogue Legacy 2 PS5 Cover

Rogue Legacy 2 Review: Black Knight With a Thousand Young (PS5)

A former Xbox console exclusive, Rogue Legacy 2, finally makes its way to PlayStation consoles. A mysterious, ever-shifting castle blackens the horizon. Can you take on your sword (or bow, or, axe, or, frying pan, or pizza) and conquer the ...

10 Perfect

The History of Indiana Jones Games

In anticipation for the new Indiana Jones movie, let's take a journey through all of Indy's biggest releases, and see if any of them hold up today. Indiana Jones has had a long history in the world of video games. From movie adaptations to ...

Nightmare Reaper Review Cover

Nightmare Reaper Review: Do Fear the Reaper (Switch)

Boomer shooters and roguelites, together at last. Nightmare Reaper is a chaotic adventure through the dreams of a madwoman. Demolish the hordes of the undead with gun, sword, and spell, and learn the horrific past of a shattered woman and t...

8.5 Great

Miasma Chronicles Review: Tiger Tough! (PS5)

From the creators of Mutant Year Zero comes an action packed spiritual successor. Miasma Chronicles takes you on a wild adventure through an America overrun by mutants and twisted by a mysterious alien entity known as the Miasma. Fight back...

8 Great

6 Must-Watch Summer Games Done Quick 2023 Runs

Here are 6 speedruns scheduled for this year's SGDQ that I don't think anybody should miss. Summer Games Done Quick is back once more. This bi-yearly charity marathon always raises millions for good and noble causes, all whilst speedrunners...

The Machine Review Cover

The Machine Review: The Machine Grinds On

A brand new, depressing adventure for the Nintendo Game Boy. Live the life of Girt, a young man trying to make a life for himself amidst a monstrous machine, the last home for his people. Will he be a gentleman? A brute? A king? A peasant? ...

9 Amazing
Dango Dash Review New Cover

Dango Dash Review: Three Flavors of Adventure (Game Boy)

A brand new Game Boy platformer? In 2023? It's more likely than you think. Ninjas are out to conquer the world, and it's up to Dango to save his home. Explore 2D sidescrolling stages and help people solve their various personal dilemmas. Wi...

8 Great
2021 Moon Escape Review Look to La Luna (Game Boy)

2021: Moon Escape Review: Look to La Luna (Game Boy)

A new Game Boy game in 2023 is more likely than you think, and that's what 2021: Moon Escape is. Explore desolate lunar ruins and search for treasure and upgrades, all in four glorious shades of green. It was created in GB Studio, a toolset...

7 Good

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Review: Plug Into Adventure! (Switch)

Mega Man Battle Network makes its triumphant return on modern consoles. With all six games faithfully preserved, and the addition of online multiplayer to boot, there's never been a better time to get into this classic JRPG franchise. Battl...

8 Great

Meet Your Maker Review: If You Build It, They Will Come (PS5)

From Dead By Daylight Creators Behaviour Interactive comes a brand new FPS experience. Explore an endless series of dungeons made by other players, and then build your own dungeons for other players to explore. Whether it's worth exploring ...

6.5 Fair

Nintendo’s Questionable Decisions That Shaped the Gaming Industry

I want to look back on some of the decisions Nintendo has made and imagine how the gaming industry would have been different had they pursued a different path. Nintendo as a company has been subject to dizzying highs, terrifying lows, and c...


Capcom Releases Series of “Resident Evil Masterpiece Theater” Animated Shorts!

To hype up the Resident Evil 4 remake, Capcom has released a series of animated shorts dubbed the "Resident Evil Masterpiece Theater". These cutesy shorts tell an exaggerated version of Leon's adventures, with a big focus on comedy and sill...

Capcom Spotlight (March 9th, 2023): Resident Evil, Exoprimal, MegaMan, and More

It's Capcom's latest spotlight, with new information on all of their titles to be released in the coming months. From the hotly anticipated Resident Evil 4 and Monster Hunter Rise DLC, to the return of Ghost Trick and Mega Man Battle Networ...

Little Witch Nobeta Cover

Little Witch Nobeta Review: The Cutest Souls-Like (PS4)

An interesting and cute Souls-like from developer Pupuya Games, that swaps out the zombies and hideous monsters for cute dolls and witches. It's an interesting and eclectic mix-up, not without faults, but definitely an adorably enjoyable ti...

7 Good
Ninja JaJaMaru Retro Collection Review From the Land of the Rising Sun (Switch)

Ninja JaJaMaru Retro Collection Review: From the Land of the Rising Sun (Switch)

Five previously Japanese-exclusive Ninja JaJaMaru games from the 8- and 16-bit eras have been fully translated and released in English for the very first time. I'd love this even if the games were complete trash, but they're not trash, thes...

7.5 Good
Ninja JaJaMaru The Great Yokai Battle + Hell Review Busting Demons Like It's 1985 (Switch)

Ninja JaJaMaru: The Great Yokai Battle + Hell Review: Busting Demons Like It’s 1985 (Switch)

Ninja JaJaMaru, a classic character from the early days of the Famicom, makes his grand return and proper English debut! JaJaMaru battles through hordes of demons in an 8-bit throwback that calls back to his very first adventure. Simplistic...

7 Good
Persona 3 Portable Cover Image

Persona 3 Portable Review: The Wildest Card of All (PS4)

Persona 3 is now available on modern (and non-Sony) consoles for the very first time! This monumental RPG was the first Persona game to establish the template on which the series is now based. If you started the series with 5 (which based o...

7.5 Good

Square Enix: The Good, The Bad, and the “What?!”

Let's look into the current state of Square Enix, a company that seems chaotic in its current form, to work out what's happened to them. They have suffered some dizzying highs, terrifying lows, and creamy middles over the past few years, b...

Star Fox EX Review: Explore, Experience, Exterminate!

Star Fox EX Review: Explore, Experience, Exterminate!

An epic mega romhack for the original Star Fox, Star Fox EX goes beyond my wildest expectations. Well done romhacks can be something out of this world, and seeing the work people put into them is breathtaking. Does Star Fox EX take it's pla...

9 Amazing