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Ultimate Edition for Payday 2 Announced

Overkill has announced that all future Payday 2 updates will be FREE and DLC will be 85% off until June 8th, when its DLC will be removed from Steam. An "ultimate edition" will then come onto the store, containing the base game and all current DLC.

All Payday 2 DLC to be removed from Steam to make room for Ultimate Edition
Overkill, the team behind the Payday series has announced a massive DLC discount for Payday 2 and future plans to remove said DLC from the Steam store. From May 10th to June 8th, all Payday 2 will be on sale for 85% off. After June 8th, all Payday 2 DLC will be removed from the Steam store, and in its place will be a new Ultimate Edition. The Ultimate Edition will have the base game of Payday 2 along with all the aforementioned DLC included. The only DLC not to be included are the Ethan and Hila Character Pack and any temporary campaign pack. The new version of Payday 2 will cost $45, and anyone who is unable to purchase all the DLC before its release will have an upgrade option.

All Payday 2 DLC to be removed from Steam to make room for Ultimate Edition - All future updates will also be 100% free
Along with this announcement is the news that all future updates to the game, which Overkill still plans to support, will be entirely free. The content of the Ultimate Edition includes:

  • 55+ Heists
  • 18 Characters
  • 77 Primary Weapons
  • 51 Secondary Weapons
  • 81 Melee Weapons

Ultimate Edition is only available for Steam users. For more information about the Ultimate Edition and the DLC changes, check out the official site for the new edition. 

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