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Crimefest repeats itself in PayDay 2

It is clear where all of the player feedback was going-not into consideration!

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Crimefest is happening all over again!

It would appear that the controversies around updates made to the game Payday 2 won’t see an end soon. Just an hour ago we were all revealed the next phase in the development of Payday and it was and you will never be able to guess-paid DLC. If that isn’t enough to get you angry I will also mention it is an advertisement. Yes, collaboration between Overkill and Lions Gate is happening again. The previous one was introducing John Wick from the movie with the same name, to the game as a playable character. So, what exactly are we getting for the 6,99 EURO price tag this time around? It is a lot to be fair and I would more than happily take out my credit card and pick up this piece of DLC but it is very soon after the recent Crimefest disaster, something I actually touched bases on in my previous article. Yes, it didn’t take the developers much time show off exactly how they were handling all of the player feedback from the past. If there was any doubt they were missing why the community was uneasy with them, now there shouldn’t be any. It has been proven once again that money is the only thing that truly feeds new ideas into the game and not the concerns of the well-established player base which has been loyal to Overkill for over two years now. To quickly check out what is going to be yours if you decide to chip in and get the DLC. So far we know only what will be available on day one: two new heist inspired from the movie Point Break and do they look interesting? Yes, they do. From what you can see in the trailer I am about to include below-there will be jumping of airplanes and going underground to fight black dozers. I mean I have liked the idea of free falling from an airplane ever since I saw it in games like Crysis and Modern Combat 3. That idea was a good one and I won’t deny it but all of this could have been free.

PAYDAY 2: The Point Break Heists Trailer

You will also receive the character Bodhi to play with. At this point there isn’t much known about him but if some of you remember we have heard this name before. Back in Payday:The Heist there was a mission which started with a phone call between the company “Bodhi’s pool repair” and a person who needed some help with his pool. Apparently something wasn’t quite fix the first time when the Bodhi’s Crew arrived at the scene, so the phone call was basically explaining that and requesting another team being sent over to fix the problems. In addition, you will see some new achievements and a new contractor-Locke. I am pleasantly surprised by the new heists and would really like to try them out but I won’t. The reason behind my decision is the damage control that is ongoing in the Steam Community Hub. It doesn’t come as a surprise that people were not happy with this, me included. Moderators are repeating the same mistakes they made during Crimefest and it is funny to see them having such a quick change of heart. Just a couple of days ago- Ashley which was one of the most respected moderators stud behind the community and demanded answers from Almir about his recent actions. Today she is on Listo’s side again. I am not sure what has happened in this past days but I am aware that moderators were forced into signing some NDA(non-disclosure agreement). They had to do it if they wanted to be more involved into the business of Overkill. Perhaps they were paid or maybe given free items for the game because right now they are doing their best to keep the community silent. Bans have been issued all over for silly reasons and I was surprised how many splendid topics were quickly closed just because they were against the new DLC. Freedom of speech definitely doesn’t exist when the Payday 2 moderators step in. Ashley who was very serious about the entire Crimefest Update and tortured Almir Listo with different question for three hours, was among the first to issue a ban today. This actually makes me think-is it possible that it was all another PR stunt so we would forget about previous mistakes and Overkill would be able to gather even more money from the loyal fanbase?


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