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Paying for advertisements in Payday 2

It took Overkill Software a mere eleven days to ruin Payday 2 for the new year. Bans are a top priority for the moderators once again.

Almir Listo continues dealing killing blows to the game that has brought him success for over two years. Crimefest had passed, we even got through the Point Break DLC which I personally admired for a couple of reasons, it appears that there will be no end to the milking of our beloved game. Posted on the 12 of January on the Steam Community Hub we can find an announcement for the newest piece of content coming to Payday 2. To all of the users who wanted to carry goats on their character's back, it is possible now. I do have a hard time remembering who exactly asked for this ability, then again are Overkill really known for taking a player's feedback into consideration? The question is rhetorical, as I have already summed up the answer in two of my previous articles. This covers just what is known for the first day of the DLC, there will be a second and third one. For what I have read so far, I can enlighten you that a brand new shotgun will be available too.

PayDay 2 & Goat Simluator

Let's put the silliness of the situation aside for a second on focus on the fact that this new DLC will be paid. Since I am aware a lot of folks supported the transition to microtransactions (a lot less than those that were disgusted by this move) and their main defense was the idea that future content might be free, I just thought that the free part would arrive by now. The price isn't higher than last time, still the good seven american dollars or euro depending on where you are in the world. The problem lies with the promises. Yes, even Almir Listo has claimed that microtransactions would help produce free content yet both DLC that came out after Crimefest were paid. Santa's workshop I will ignore completely because it felt akin to another heist (or to be correct just a single day of that heist). There wasn't that much work done on it . My main issue here is that we are going to be paying for an advertisement, just like we did with Point Break. The word collaborations is thrown rather loosely by Overkill staff. Almir Listo has answered previous accusations that Starbreeze hasn't received any financial "support" from anyone in order to work on this content. How can this be true? I can't be the only one noticing the three minute into video to Payday 2,right? The video is a direct trailer for Point Break (which came out and didn't do good at all). That is clearly an advertisement, there was no need for the clip to be a part of the into if no money changed hands. 

Moderator Ashley shares her thoughts about Point Break and John Wick

                                  Moderator Ashley shares her thoughts about Point Break and John Wick

The community has already expressed their concerns about the upcoming content and most of what was said, wasn't civil. I have counted more than enough threads of people claiming they were done with the game and don't plan on ever playing again. During Crimefest a lot of folks did the same things and the game was lacking in players for a good month,almost two. When I say lacking,let me be clear-the average player number had dropped significantly to be noticeable. In the three pages of community created topics, I couldn't find a single positive one that would support this new Goat Simulator DLC. 

On the other hand, people keep on getting banned from the official Payday 2 Steam Community Hub for all sort of silly reason. To add to the list of non-existing,we can now be banned for trolling,baiting, (I could understand trolling even if it isn't written anywhere as something against the rules but baiting crosses the line)generally expressing anti-overkill opinion.

The most interesting comment

                        The most interesting comment connected to banning on Overkill forums.

In all honesty, I personally never imagined a change in direction regarding the development of Payday 2. Almir Listo apologized a lot of times but never meant it and this is one more proof.

Almir was asked about the latest collaboration,here is what he had to say:

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