Payday 2 Partners Up With Shadow Warrior 2 In Latest Update

Payday 2 and Shadow Warrior 2 join forces to bring the worlds of bank robbery and demon slaying together in this epic collaboration. Flying Wild Hog and Overkill Software have teamed up, and bundled their games together, giving players the chance to get both of them for a huge discount. If you already own one of the games, they've provided an additional discount when buying the other.

Payday 2 Partners Up With Shadow Warrior 2 In Latest Update
Payday 2 is known for releasing some pretty unexpected, yet very much welcomed collaborations with other games such as Hotline Miami and Goat Simulator.  Payday 2's newest update brings us Wang, our favorite katana wielding, demon-slaying hero from Flying Wild Hog's Shadow Warrior 2.  This update features Wang's katana, as well as various other Shadow Warrior themed masks.

While Payday 2 got its fair share of SW2 content, the classic "Dallas" mask from Payday 2 is also making an appearance in SW2 as well as a couple of its weapons.  As if robbing banks with your friends wasn't fun enough, now you can do it ninja style.  

This surprising collaboration comes to us as part of an update that tackles a wide range of bugs/glitches, while also adding some very anticipated features such as AI being able to carry bags and a new "Toggle HUD" option.  

Shadow Warrior 2 Masks
In honor of this seemingly unexpected collaboration, both games will be going on sale together in a bundle. If you already own one of the games and wish to buy the other, steam is offering a 10% discount.  Individually, Payday 2 is going for 75 percent off at $5.49 (CND), while Shadow Warrior 2 is going for 25 percent off at $32.99 (CND).  

Details on this collaboration can be found on this steam community thread for Payday 2, and this thread for Shadow Warrior 2.  

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