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Tekken 7 trailer full of backstory, blood feuds, and fists

With only two weeks left until the release of Tekken 7, a bombastic new trailer has emerged revealing a number of the character's motivations as well as setting the stage for a final showdown between Heihachi and Kazuya.

Tekken 7 trailer full of backstory, blood feuds, and fists
A new story trailer has emerged just two weeks away from Tekken 7's release on the 2nd of June for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Though the Mishima clan has been butting heads for years now at the expense of pretty much everyone else around, the trailer very much sets the stage for a final battle between Heihachi and Kazuya. Tekken 7 very much believes that 'the best fights are personal.' For the rest of the cast, 'honour, duty, revenge, or debts that can never be paid' serve as the main source of motivation for fighting in the increasingly over the top brawler.

TEKKEN 7 - Story Trailer | PS4, X1, Steam

For anyone new to the series, the bombastic trailer, chock full of volcanoes, chainguns, demons, and cyborgs, may be a little overwhelming but, happily, Bandai Namco has your back. As part of their official Tekken 8-Bit Cinema Retro Recap, the publisher is releasing a series of entertaining yet informative vids about the lore of their convoluted universe. Part one can be found below:

TEKKEN Retro Recap - Part #1

For more information about what you can expect from Tekken 7's gameplay, check out our article on the recent modes trailer.

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