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Tekken 7 Game mode trailer revealed

A new trailer for Tekken 7 has revealed what game modes players can expect, including a campaign featuring Akuma from the Street Fighter series. Lasting almost 5 minutes, the trailer offers a promising glimpse into what appears to be a game chock-full of content.

Tekken 7 Game mode trailer revealed
With little over a month left until it's June 2nd release, a new trailer has revealed an impressive amount of content for Tekken 7, both offline and online. A single-player campaign called The Mishima Saga will focus on Heihachi whilst integrating Akuma from the Street Fighter series.

There will also be an arcade mode, galleries, versus modes, jukebox mode, and unlockable character customisation. Online modes will include the traditional versus modes as well as a tournament mode for hardcore players looking to win big.

For the Japanese trailer look below.

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