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Tekken 7 Paid Eliza DLC Out July 28

Everyone can try out Eliza soon. Formerly exclusive to those who pre-ordered Tekken 7, Eliza will become available next week -- for a price. We'll have to wait for more details regarding pricing.

Tekken 7 Paid Eliza DLC Out July 28
Gamers who missed out pre-ordering Tekken 7 can unlock the pre-order bonus character later this month. Eliza, a sleepyhead vampire first introduced in Tekken Revolution, will be available for purchase come July 28.

According to YouTube personality Maximilian Dood, Bandai Namco made Eliza’s release date announcement during their San Diego Comic Con presentation. As previously announced on the official Tekken 7 Facebook account, Eliza would become available for purchase 30 days after the game launches, Tekken Gamer reported. However, many got frustrated as it’s been more than a month without an option to purchase Eliza. Knowing it’ll be a one-week wait will surely brighten the day of those eagerly waiting to use the vampire character.

Eliza is one of the most requested characters who became available in Tekken 7. Currently, Eliza and Akuma are the only playable characters so far that have a meter mechanic. The 2017 Winter-bound character from Fatal Fury, Howard Geese, is predicted to be the third Tekken 7 character to have meter moves.

Aside from Eliza’s release date, the Tekken team also revealed new in-game character panel art made by renowned artists. These will become available for free sometime in September.

So, will you purchase Eliza next week? Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments section and make sure to check out KeenGamer for more gaming news.

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