Sweden invades World of Tanks featuring Dolph Lundgren!

The Swedes are coming! Swedish Forces are storming World of Tanks, bringing with them brand new tanks and their Ambassador, iconic movie star Dolph Lundgren! The Swedish will bring with them a wide variety of tanks, from fast and light to the terrifying Tank Destroyer!

Sweden invades World of Tanks featuring Dolph Lundgren!
Brace for impact, the Swedes are coming! Update 9.17 throws the nation of Sweden into the battlefields of World of Tanks, bringing two lines of their own tanks. Movie star Dolph Lundgren is also the World of Tanks Swedish ambassador, joining the team at WGFest in Moscow on December 17th 2016 to celebrate the Swedish tech tree.

Players will now be able to command two lines of Swedish tanks, the first being a number of Tank Destroyers, with the second line consisting of a mix of light, medium, and heavy firepower. This update adds ten tanks, bringing the total tank count in the game to over 500! Swedish Tank Destroyers start conventionally, but at higher tiers become truly fearsome. They also offer some of the lowest profiles in their respective class, allowing them to secure important but unusual position to get the drop on any unfortunate enemy tank that wanders into their sights.

Thaine Lyman, World of Tanks Product Director had this to say:

The original design and unique gameplay of the new Swedish line was a treat to develop and unleash on the battlefield. Sweden’s innovative technical solutions bring a lot to the game, and while Siege and Travel modes will take a little time getting used to, those that master them will be a formidable force in combat.

This update offers a lot in terms of high-tier play, and you can expect to see the Swedish faction become one of the most attractive options for the most skilled players out there. For more information on Update 9.17, you can check out the official World of Tanks website.

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