World of Tanks gets Single Player Campaign

For the first time in World of Tanks history, the game will be getting a single player campaign mode. The mode, War Stories, will feature an in-depth tutorial and battles within alternative histories that can be played solo or co-operatively.

World of Tanks gets Single Player Campaign
Wargaming has unveiled a new mode for World of Tanks called War Stories, a single player campaign that serves both to introduce fresh players to the skills they'll need to survive the daunting multiplayer landscape, as well as some intense challenges for more seasoned combatants.

Releasing on August 22nd, the mode will feature a three part tutorial that outlines movement, scouting, sniping, and offers an overview on tank armour and their performance capabilities. Currently, players will only have access to one conflict called 'Flashpoint Berlin', which pits the Soviets against the Allies in an alternate version of history.

The campaign can be played solo or co-operatively and is expected to be the first in a number of story-driven, episodic experiences that will be released over the year. For the trailer, look below:

World of Tanks - Welcome to War Stories | PS4

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