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World of Tanks Is Still Worth Playing In 2018

World of Tanks is still worth your attention in the online world of 2018. The tank focused online MMO has used this time to build a product that you will not believe is free to play. Games where you f...

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World of Tanks gets Single Player Campaign

For the first time in World of Tanks history, the game will be getting a single player campaign mode. The mode, War Stories, will feature an in-depth tutorial and battles within alternative histories ...

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Sweden invades World of Tanks featuring Dolph Lundgren!

The Swedes are coming! Swedish Forces are storming World of Tanks, bringing with them brand new tanks and their Ambassador, iconic movie star Dolph Lundgren! The Swedish will bring with them a wide va...

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Shoot-’em-up cloudphobia is now available on Steam

cloudphobia, high-speed arcade shoot-’em-up from publisher Rockin’ Android, now available on Steam. A barrage of missiles emerges from the clouds; it’s cloudphobia! Los Angeles, CA, December 7th 2016&...

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Celebrate 100 Years of Tanks event with 360° VR Video!

Wargaming Hosts Massive Celebration in Honor of 100 Years anniversary of the first Tanks appearing the battlefield. The company invites players to tackle a series of special events for World of Tanks ...

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Guide for Elc AMX

Elc Amx is the French light tank of 5 level. And in the following article you can find overview and advices how to control it and win battles.     Hello dear tankers. In the mid-20th century...

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World of Tanks – e-sport was not planned

World of Tanks - e-sport was not planned. Interesting information, isn't it? Have you thought that WoT was never meant for e-sport? Or not until the fans and players started to create their own league...

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World of Tanks – Update 9.5 trailer and review

World of Tanks - Update 9.5 trailer has been released. Watch it together with a review. New update adds three new maps, a host of British war machines, an overhauled minimap, and much more. Watch the ...

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World of Tanks – The Mighty Maus

World of Tanks - The Mighty Maus. What's in the new update for Xbox 360? There are many new features and one almighty Maus. New German tank with the largest HP pools in the game and with excellen...

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