Celebrate 100 Years of Tanks event with 360° VR Video!

Wargaming Hosts Massive Celebration in Honor of 100 Years anniversary of the first Tanks appearing the battlefield. The company invites players to tackle a series of special events for World of Tanks on PC and Console, and World of Tanks Blitz.

Celebrate 100 Years of Tanks event with 360° VR Video!
September 2, 2016 — Wargaming is proud to be celebrating 100 Years of Tanks appearing on the battlefield with a host of online and press events in remembrance of the Mark I, the first tank to hit the battlefield on September 15, 1916 (6:20 AM UK time).
In celebration, Wargaming has partnered with The Tank Museum, Bovington, for a unique event in Trafalgar Square on September 15. Also on the agenda are numerous in-game modes featuring the Mark I, starting from September 14 on World of Tanks on Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4; joining the celebration the next day on September 15 will be World of Tanks PC; World of Tanks Blitz will also be adding to fun from September 19.

Celebrate 100 Years of Tanks event with 360° VR Video!
“Wargaming was created with a passion for history and video games. It runs through everything we do,” said Wargaming CEO Victor Kislyi. “This September, we are celebrating an event that not just changed the history of military engineering but inspired generations of creators to build ingenious vehicles. We would like to thank the Mark I, which sparked an age of tanks, and to commemorate this historical moment with our passionate community.”

The main celebration for 100 Years of Tanks, organized in partnership with The Tank Museum, Bovington, will take place September 15, in London. During the event, a Mark IV replica (created for Steven Spielberg’s movie “War Horse”) will be showcased in Trafalgar Square, just as it was 100 years ago with the Mark I. Also at this event, attendees will be able to watch the Mark I come to life on the streets with a unique augmented reality experience that has to be seen to be believed. British TV presenter and historian Dan Snow will also be in attendance to speak about the legacy of the Mark I, along with Wargaming representatives.

Celebrate 100 Years of Tanks event with 360° VR Video!
World of Tanks on PC will introduce a special in-game event on September 15. In “Convoy” mode, players will be driving an entirely new vehicle type: four-wheeled Lanchester armored cars, armed with fast-firing machine guns, which are incredibly quick and mobile. Players will be divided into two teams of seven. One team will protect the Mark I as it moves across a World War I battlefield, providing cover and repairs to the Mark I, while the other team tries to use explosives to stop it in its tracks.

Trench Warfare Mode for World of Tanks on consoles, which deploys on September 14, will introduce a limited time mode, featuring Mark I and the console-exclusive map Thiepval Ridge with its 1.2 km2 heavily-wooded playspace.

Last but certainly not least, World of Tanks Blitz is hosting the 100 Years of Tanks event. For one week, starting September 19, you’ll take control of a modified Mark I in a furious 7-vs-7 battle. If you rack up 10 battles in the Mark I during this week, a special medal is yours.

Celebrate 100 Years of Tanks event with 360° VR Video!
In keeping with Wargaming’s commitment to connect different generations through history, technology and innovation, the company is excited to present the Virtually Inside the First Tanks 360° Video. This VR video combines a walkthrough of Bovington Tank Museum’s collection of early tanks in the style of previous Virtually Inside the Tanks videos, enhanced by World of Tanks in-game 360° scenes of the Mark I. This is the first time Wargaming will harness World of Tanks in-game 360° video playback as well, putting any viewer in observer mode, whether they have the game installed or not.  

The Inside the First Tanks 360° Video:

In honor of the anniversary, the free “Tank 100” mobile app, created in association with the Tank Museum, is available for iOS and Android. This app lets users experience an AR WWI tank in their hands.
For more information about 100 Years of Tanks please visit the official website.

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