Guide for Elc AMX

Elc Amx is the French light tank of 5 level. And in the following article you can find overview and advices how to control it and win battles.

    Hello dear tankers. In the mid-20th century, the French Defense Ministry think about creating a light combat vehicle with the ability to support the landing of transport by air. Elc program has generated a series of fantastic projects and prototypes. However, in the end it came to light more than the traditional machine from AMX. In the game, we have a very special light tank, which is very different from the single-level counterparts of other nations. He got the nickname from the players 'Christmas tree'. To learn how to live in the harsh world of coniferous steel monsters minutes we'll talk further.

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    The first thing that catches the eye is the low value of strength. Only 400 hit points. With 160 lower than the T52 and 210 than the VK 28.01 in top-end configuration. Immediately we conclude: open duel we are contraindicated. In Elc AMX thin armor thickness of 14 millimeters in the forehead, 12 millimeters on the sides and 10 mm at the stern. Even for first-level tools such reservation would not an obstacle. We also have a review of the very low when compared with fellow fifth level. Total 360 meters with 100% crew. Not much, because eyed Chaffee see 40 meters further. Unfortunately we got a radio station also is the weakest, the entire communication range of 360 meters. For comparison, the radio can transmit Chaffee intelligence allies at a distance 745 meters. There is also a disadvantage is the front-mounted engine, which will be damaged if the self-confidence required to attack the enemy in front and limit the angle of rotation of the tower in the range of only 30 degrees.

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    If you have the impression that everything is bad, then you are wrong. Since the shortcomings are more than compensated by the advantages. Due to modest weight not exceeding 8 tonnes, accelerating dynamics AMX is comparable to T52, up to a set maximum speed. True Next soviet LT still realizes his advantage, but he gave us the speed of rotation is considerably inferior, despite the twisted speed control. Chaffee only slightly ahead of the Frenchman in the rate of rotation of the tracks. In addition, the resistance of the soil has to have less of an impact than their classmates. As a result, we can safely say that Elc AMX one of the most dynamic of tanks in the game. The Frenchman is the smallest 5-level LT. His brother, he is much inferior to the length, breadth and height. The low silhouette along with excellent dynamics give us a sense of invulnerability from flying by enemy shells. A high rate of stealth, directly depends on the size contributes significantly to a sense of superiority over the enemy. Still, it is a top instrument of 90 millimeters allows Elc AMX has a significant impact on the outcome of the battle. Let's take a closer look at its features. Average armor penetration of 170 mm armor-piercing projectiles and as much as 248 mm sabot. Without a doubt, armor most vehicles in the game can not stand in front of this instrument. 240 units of average damage will feel any opponent, even a thick-skinned as the Maus. We only hinders the reduction of long, almost equal to three seconds, and the relatively low rate – 5 shots per minute.

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So now we know the basic performance characteristics of this unique machine. The main technical problem tree is damaging an enemy, although the dynamics allows the Frenchman to shine, but not very effective due to a weak radio station, for tactical approach from the rear, set the gun rammer, reinforced drive pickup and improved ventilation. This will allow you to shoot more often, more quickly reduced and will fall back after firing. With this set we will move a lot. For sniper tactics and part of the active set of light try: gun rammer, coated optics and telescope. Accordingly, early in the fight, we will snipers out of the bushes, and in the end find the remaining enemies alone. Choosing the ability of the crew to try to further enhance the advantages of the tank: Masking for both crew members for covert move on the map. The commander: the sixth sense and eagle eye, a mechanic of the driver: the king of off-road driving and clutch braking. I would like to note that for many drivers accustomed LT repair has no special value due to the fact that the very fact of stopping the enemy at gunpoint in most cases fatal for the tree, since we are critically low number of points of strength. The whole range of skills of the crew and the equipment depends on the style of the game and in this sense, it all depends on your creativity.


1 – Never enter into a gunfight frontal, front-engine will not allow to conduct active operations.

2 – when an encounter with the enemy on the run and shoot, or go to him in the rear, or hidden behind the next corner.

3 – never appear in the same place, especially if the enemy is brought to an instrument. Patiently wait until the enemy is no longer see you.

4 – Watch the mini map and look for passionate duel opponents. In addition to easy frags you get more and gratitude ally.

5 – do not break right in the thick of the battle.

6 – actively using any obstacles that separate you from the enemy.

Summing up we can say that Elc AMX is a choice  for savvy and skilful players. But the players selected for the tree unbridled joy on the battlefield, anything will not lose. You just need to be aware that this is one of the most difficult to manage light tanks, but capable of something which can not be his classmates.

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