Star Wars: Battlefront – Official Outer Rim DLC Trailer

Check out this all new trailer for the all new Outer Rim DLC Pack and see what's all coming to Star Wars Battlefront.

Star Wars: Battlefrnt Outer Rim

Yesterday the official trailer for the all new Outer Rim DLC Pack for Star Wars: Battlefront was released. As you know we’re getting new characters, weapons, maps, and a new mode. The all new DLC pack will be available to play on March 22. The game will be available to those who have purchased the season pass for no extra charge. However for those who have not purchased the season pass the new DLC pack will be available for $15

I had recently done a post on the release date for the Outer Rim DLC pack, apparently they had changed the date from April 5, which is at least two weeks earlier than its previous release date. As for why they changed the date I’m not sure at the moment.

Star Wars Battlefront Official Outer Rim Trailer

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