Star Wars: Battlefront – Escape Artist Star Card added

A new Star Card has emerged for the base game. It's time to hit another Hutt Contract!

Star Wars: Battlefront - Escape Artist Star Card added

The Escape Artist

EA Dice has released another free update for Star Wars: Battlefront players. It's a new Star Card called, "The Escape Artist". When Active, you are able to sprint faster than your other comrades. Well, unless they too have the same star card in use. The point of the star card is to help you reach objectives and important locations first, while it may also give you the advantage of being a harder target to hit. The Star Card also enhances your melee damage. So run up to your opponents and give them a good smack in the face before they can say, "You Rebel Scum!" The Star Card is now available in the Hutt Contracts.

You can visit the official website to see details on the Star Card.

Thanks for reading, and may the Force be with you.

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