A Guide for New Battlefront Gamers

Did you just buy Star Wars Battlefront long after its release? Then this guide will teach you how to get started off right without being just another meat-bag for maxed out level gamers.

You verses the Star Wars Universe

Ready to start?

The acclaimed Star Wars Video game has been out for several months now. But every now and then, a new game buys the game either after finally saving up their wallet, waited for a discount, or just convinced their parents to buy the game. Anyhow, Battlefront being mainly a multiplayer game, with a few solo missions, can a new gamer just simply join the game and bring ranking and competition to the game? No, not really. Star War Battlefront (As of May 2016) is filled with players who max out within days, and many more players who are on the verge of maxing out their rank and purchasing all their equipment. So how does a noob get into the game without dying 48 time with only 5 kills or less and rage quitting. In this article, I will discuss and provide tips on how a late joining player can get into the flow of Star Wars Battlefront, without regretting on spending $60 to $120.

Star Wars Main Menu

Start Learning

To start off, after launching the game and making sure any and all settings are set for you console or PC, you are going to want to play the tutorial. Essentially, it gives you the basic controls of the game. It’s not an in-depth tutorial, but it will give the overall understanding of the mechanics.

Star Wars Battlefront Tutorial

After the tutorials, you will want to go to the missions section, and play the training missions. You will want to play the missions before moving on to Battle Missions, Survival Missions, and Multiplayer. I would recommend completing all the training missions with five stars. The five stars means you finished all the details that the mission provides, which will be essential in normal gameplay. It’s not that hard.

When all the training missions are 100% complete, you can move on to some multiplayer, or the other available singleplayer modes. If you want, instead of moving on to multiplayer, go ahead and complete all Battle missions and survival missions on easy by yourself. Not only will these help you to hone on your skills, but will also bring you credits to purchase items and equipment.

Star Wars Survival Missions

After completing the minimum of those missions, you can start venturing off into the multiplayer battlefront. There are many maps and modes to choose from, but as a newbie, I would recommend modes of the smaller maps. Try modes like, Blast (Team Deathmatch), Cargo (Sort a like capture the flag), Drop-Pod (Capture and hold drop pods and they will give star cards. The most pods captured wins the game), Droid Hunt (Capture and hold two or three droids at once to win), and fighter squadron (Fly starship fighters in aerial battles. This is for players who enjoy dogfights).

Star Wars Drop-Pod

Guns and Equipment

It will take time to start building skills for the game, but this is what this guide is for. To help you get better. Next, as you level up and earn credits, you will be able to unlock and purchase weapons and equipment. With the addition of the Hutt Contracts, you will have to purchase the contract, and then complete challenges to earn the chosen tool or gun. I would recommend purchasing weapons first, as these are the main killing machines in the game, and each gun can decide whether you get a kill or not on different maps.

Purchasing Blasters

Cards are also important. Though these are not a must in your immediate situation, when you join a game, you will be partnered up with a fellow team player, and you will have the choice to use his cards. Each star card will help you in different situations. It’s best to develop a good combo deck that will aid you in specific fights. You are able to carry two different decks. A third deck will pop up when you join a multiplayer room, that deck is your partner’s. You will be able to use his (At the expense of using your own charges)

Purchasing Star Cards

Being a good sport

Another good tip to win and be a team player is to play the objective. If you are not in team deathmatch, then kills won’t win you the game or give you the most points. Be the good sport and play the mode the way its meant to be played. I’m not saying you should avoid getting kills or kill streaks, but that should not be your goal. There are players who love to troll teams with their K/D ratio skills. Instead of paying the objective, they would occupy an area and reap the combat points. Nobody likes a player like that in any mode other than blast. Play the objective, and spread the fun.

YouTube help sources

There are many great YouTube channels that will aid you in your quest for Battlefront. Check these guys out.


The Otaku goes into depth detail of how not to suck at certain game modes, and gives you stats and strategies with each weapon. He usually pumps out a video every week or two. He plans to expand his videos to other games in the near future, but until then, He is an excellent Battlefront knowledge force.

Star Wars HQ

If you play Battlefront, then you probably already know who these twin brothers are. They provide news updates on everything star wars, especially, Star Wars Battlefront. If you need information on upcoming updates and what the updates will do, you go to these guys. They time to time have some fun gameplay videos and love to update viewers on other Star Wars related topics, like, Movies, comic books, other star wars games and more…

Bombastic Gamer Films

This is a YouTube group who makes several funny moments videos, and short Machinima. They may not necessarily help teach you on how to own the Battlefront, but they sure can bring in a few laughs.


This channel brings in Star Wars Battlefront gameplay, tips and tricks and (Hence the name) updates to the Star Wars Battlefront game. He will help you by giving strategies in-game, expressive details about star cards, and providing information on the game updates, additions and the news for the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront 2.

Did you like the guide, did it help you, could something be added to it? Then shoot KeenGamer an email, contact the author of this guide, or leave a comment below. Thanks for reading, and May the Force be with you, always.

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