Shroud of the Avatar – beautiful desert and new R13

Shroud of the Avatar - beautiful desert and new R13.

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What's in the next release, now R13? Let's have a look.

SotA steam trading cards

By playing SotA you gain trading cards in Steam and you are able to trade them like all the other cards from other games.

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Desert Scene

These screenshots looks wonderful. Don't you think? You can travel through the sands also during Grand Tour Quest in R13 which will guide you through all the new content.

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Let's wear some stylish hat! You will no longer have to give up you hair and be bald to wear some of these nice trendy caps.

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Many new decorations are coming on the scene. 

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And the developers shows one nice video guide of The Mad Hermit community member. 

How to find and identify magical reagents? 

You can click on the link below to find out more details and news.

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