Shroud of the Avatar – released on Steam today

Shroud of the Avatar - released on Steam today.

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Shroud of the Avatar made it to Steam. It is no surprise that the game made it and what the devs are saying about it?

“As a crowd funded and crowd sourced game we have felt that an open form of development is critical to making this game the best it can be. Early Access on Steam will greatly increase our access to community members who can help make the game better and is a natural iteration of the early access we have been providing our backers for the last year.”

We can only agree with these words. But as you already know the game is still in pre-Alpha and a LOT of work must be done. Take this into consideration when you will be tempted to buy the game. 

"Joining now means participating in the development, not just playing the game."

Anyway the price is cut by 15% to €35.69 on Steam right now.

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