Shroud of the Avatar – major update R14

Shroud of the Avatar - major update R14. What's inside?

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It is very nice to see the path which this game has taken until now. All the backers and fans can easily see what has been done and what's the current status of the game. And everyone must admit that the development is outstanding. From the sketches to the fully grown world. Every screenshot is better and better. New features are added on monthly basis (if not daily) and the progress is running ahead with everyone being able to be part of the team. Players, testers, audio or video creators. Or simply put ideas at the official forum. 

This game seems very well prepared and very well done. 

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Let's go back to R14. It's quite a big update for the game. Why? Let's sum it up.

  1. New scenes of Brightbone Pass. It includes also Grunvald Shardfall, Wyrmsands. 

  2. Unity 5. That's something spoken very often by developers around the globe. The transition to the new Engine is a significant progress for any game made with this software.

  3. Banks. Could you imagine playing MMORPG without banks? Without the possibility to store your items? Probably not. And neither devs of SotA.

  4. Encumbrance. You will never run like a horse with 50 pounds in your backpack :-).

  5. Pledges are now tied to your account.

  6. Water lots. Yes, you can claim a water lot.Image title

  7. Skills & Spells. 10 new skills and 5 modification of existing ones. 11 of 18 schools are now complete!

  8. Housing. Lot Deeds will be introduced to the game later and the property ownership will be a necessity.

  9. Crafting. Do you want to be an alchemist? Cook? You will be able to. 

  10. Trade. Shopkeepers will change the prices based on the fluctuation of the goods.

  11. Creatures. New killing monsters are inserted to the game. Beware!

and many more…

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Of course there are many things which are not tested or have to be delayed. Like only rudimentary optimizations in performance, the crafting system is just as a framework for now, player housing is just a beginning of more complex system, visual quality is an ongoing process and you must of course expect wipes.

But in general everything look fantastic if you don't want to play the finished game in few weeks or months. The development will take some time. That's for sure.

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