Shroud of the Avatar – Release 11 interview

Shroud of the Avatar - Release 11 interview

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Red Thomas from MMORPG has a lot of information mostly about the 11th release from the devs which he wants to share. In his interesting article he talks about the changes in the progress of your character, new skills, different skill trees and ranged combat.

The world got a lot of attention as well. New scenes, new batch set in a swamp biome and dynamic Vertas Pass location.

The world is no longer a hex but connected with specific roads, swamps and other areas of interest. You should think of it like a forest where you will need to travel close to the named section to be able to enter it.

New crafting conditions and durability system has been implemented and also gathering received some love to make all the crafters happy.

And one of the most important thing, the game will be on Steam next month which could heavily change the number of supporters and players.

You can read the whole article at the link below.

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