Shroud of the Avatar – Q1 2015 schedule update

Shroud of the Avatar - Q1 2015 schedule update.

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There are many nes in the latest #105 update of SotA. And I believe that most of you are curious about the nearest development and next steps in the game creation.

You can find the whole Schedule update here. However there are some important news worth of highlighting. 

R14 will be released on January 29th and will bring:

  • New scenes

  • Unity 5

  • Banks

  • More customization

  • More combat skills

  • New cooking and alchemy recipes

  • More creatures to hunt and kill

  • and more

R15 will come to our PC on February 26th:

  • New maps

  • More spells and skills

  • Housing fees and taxes

  • Crafting skills

  • New creatures

  • Stealth mechanics

  • Roving encouters

  • and more

R16 should be out on March 26th:

  • New maps

  • New spells and skills

  • Better tools for managing your house

  • More creatures

  • Cover will make difference in battles

  • Localizations

  • and more

As it is common in every game even in SotA you can get special items during Christmas. and you can buy Holiday Bundle in the Add-On Store.

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