What’s New in Sea of Thieves Season 4?

Sea of Thieves Season 4 is here! Let's have a look at some of the new features included. The biggest aspect are the sunken Siren Shrines, new locations to explore within the Sea of Thieves. These will test your brain with puzzles, and your mettle through raid style combat. Keep your eyes open for shimmering purple light on the surface of the water.

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Sea of Thieves Season 4 is upon us! With it comes many of the things we’ve come to expect from a new season, such as new regular content, seasonal progression, commendations, cosmetics, events, and more! Let’s take a look at what we can expect from the main chunk of the season.

The focus of this season, as the title suggests, is an expansion of what lies below the sea. Building off some parts of the Pirates of the Caribbean crossover event, parts of the ocean floor are now able to be explored.


Small spiralling shimmering blue lights are now visible on the ocean surface. These mark Siren Shrines that contain the new coral treasure. There are 6 new shrines across the map, each with their own area, puzzles, vaults, and more. These shrines will always be available on the map, but can only be accessed when the light is present. Similar to fort raids only being active when a skull is overhead. The ocean crawlers and siren enemies that were introduced in the Pirates of the Caribbean event are present here, along with coral skeletons. 

These sunken ships have seen much better days

These sunken ships have seen much better days

With each sunken location, there are two parts. The Siren treasuries act very similarly to fort raids in that you must battle waves of enemies underwater. Once defeated, the water will drain and the vault will open. The Siren shrines themselves are more exploratory and puzzle based. There are parts where you may need to navigate through shipwrecks, using pullies and levers to move bridges and lifts. Or there are areas where you may need to interact with Siren statues in order to lower or raise the water level.


New unique loot specific to the sunken shrines is available. All of the loot found in the shrines will be a new coral variant and can be found as you explore the shrine, plus a large amount stored in the treasury. Due to the amount of exploring that can be done through the shrine, a system has been put in place to make ferrying cargo easier and safer for players plundering the sunken ruins.

I'm still going to feel paranoid as hell about losing loot

I’m still going to feel paranoid as hell about losing loot

Small Siren statues, previously only used to send the player back to their ship, can now store loot until they return to their ship. In this state, the loot is safe from being lost or stolen by other players. When the player has finished exploring, they can retrieve their loot through a mermaid that will appear next to their ship after they return. They will bring the treasure up all at once for the player to grab from the surface of the water. From here, the treasure will be vulnerable just like any other treasure until it is sold. 

Some new commodities include merchant’s coffers, loot specific to the Merchants, and the breath of the sea. This can be obtained through coral bottles found on shores. The bottle will send you to a specific Siren shrine for you to pick up the breath of the sea, a mysterious bottle of valuable fluid that is related to the Sirens.


With the Siren shrines, Season 4 expands on the lore that begun during the Pirates of the Caribbean event. Many new lore books will be scattered around the six shrines, each of them relating to the Sirens, the Siren Queen, and the mysterious Ancients.

Plenty of goodies await those that complete the lore book scavenger hunt

Plenty of goodies await those that complete the lore book scavenger hunt

Some of these stories will also relate to previously found stories above the sea that were released in earlier updates. Scouring the waves to find these lore books will net you many new commendations, which will unlock new cosmetics available to purchase, such as the Sunken Sorrows ship parts and weapons. A special voyage may also be purchased from the Bilge Rats that follows a legend of the sunken kingdom. 

So that’s everything currently available from Season 4, but there will be plenty of events and additions as the season continues, just like every season before it. Anything here got you particularly excited? Have you got any good stories from your time sailing the Sea of Thieves? Let me know in the comments below!

A Deep Dive into the Sunken Kingdom: Sea of Thieves Season Four

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