Sea of Thieves Announces Season Seven Community Day

Are you a new pirate in the crew or have you been sinking other pirates’ ships for years? It doesn’t matter how experienced you are. Let’s sail for the Sea of Thieves Community Day on Saturday, September 17th!

Sea of Thieves Announces Season Seven Community Day

As we are getting closer to the middle of September, we think that our pirates should be aware of what is waiting for them in the coming days of that month. With the announcement of Sea of Thieves, the date of Season Seven Community Day has been marked in our calendars. On September 17th, pirates can participate in various events on the sea.


As many of you know, there are five Emissary Grades in which our captains on the sea can climb. In that event, once the crew hit the final grade of one of them, it is fast buck time for them as they can earn two-and-a-half times the amount of gold and reputation for their loot.


Ancient Skeletons on the horizon! Another significant event helps adventurous pirates earn more. Once the crew hit final grade of Community Emissary, they will have more chance to come across fresly spawned Ancient Skeletons. As a result, you may earn Ancient Coin which you can spend on Pirate Emporium. When the event is live, pirates will be able to check community’s progress on Community Day hub page.

Ancient Skeleton

Ancient Skeleton


Talk Like A Pirate Day sale awaits you captains! As you will able to make some Ancient Coins, the sale in which you can spend those coins will also be live. You pirates can buy many bargain-priced goods from September 15th – 20th. In addition to that, some emotes and famous Lodestar Ship bundle will be discounted as well. 


Pirates will be rewarded with Arrrgh! emote by logging in between September 15th and September 20th. Moreover, you will be able to get Ranting Rogue Emote for free on Pirate Emporium. You can find those emotes in your Vanity Chest. Lastly, if you log in between September 17th (10am UTC) and 18th (10am UTC), you will have Season Seven Community Day Flag which you and your crew can hoist it high.


On that special day, streamer pirates will be live on Twitch. You pirates will acquire the Gilded Phoenix Hill with which you can sail away by watching a participating streamer for an hour. However, just do not forget to claim it.


#BeMorePirate event also lands in the Sea Of Thieves with the Community Day. You may tell your Sea of Thieves stories by #BeMorePirate hashtag and may win the competition. The winners will be rewarded with Hat of Unfeasibly Glorious Fame. Last but not least, you can use that beautiful hat on the competition Style of Thieves. You can participate in that competition by sharing your style depending on the themes on your social media accounts with the hashtag #StyleOfThieves and @SeaOfThieves

[wpdiscuz-feedback id=”hl517w296r” question=”Which events will you participate in? Which events are more suitable for you and your crew? Please share your valuable thoughts with us!” opened=”0″]Which events will you participate in? Which events are more suitable for you and your crew? Please share your valuable thoughts with us![/wpdiscuz-feedback]


SOURCE: Sea Of Thieves – Season Seven Community Day 

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