April Brings Nastier Matches And More For Sea Of Thieves

A Sea of Thieves update is officially announced! Coming this April, Arena matches face big changes. More than this, March also brings events and more.

Sea of Thieves Content Update

March is coming to an end soon and for Sea of Thieves, that means the dawn of changes. That’s right, there is a Sea of Thieves update coming this April. Before that though, there are a few things to happen this month.

This weekend marks the second anniversary of the game. To celebrate the occasion, there will be a special live stream beginning at 10 am PT/1 pm ET on March 20, featuring former Rooster Teeth CEO Burnie Burns. At any point during the stream, there will be a Spinal Figurehead will be up for grabs. In addition, if anyone at any point plays during the anniversary weekend, they’ll receive the anniversary edition sniper rifle Eye of Reach. 

Prior to this, it’s been confirmed that from March 18 to 23, Sea of Thieves is free to play. Following this and the anniversary stream, there will be a three-week anniversary event starting March 20. There will be different events and rewards drawn from some of the game’s earliest updates, including the Hungering Deep, Cursed Sails, and Forsaken Shores. 

Arena Adjustments and Anniversary Antics: Sea of Thieves News March 18th 2020


With the Sea of Thieves update, it’s mainly on the content, particularly with the Arena. One of the changes is the replacements of treasure maps with a neon purple flare shooting straight up into the sky. Called as the Glorious Sea Dogs beacon, it will mark one chest. According to lead designer Shelley Preston, this means everyone will know where to go the moment the match starts. So battles for the treasure won’t be prolonged, Arena matches will now be 15 minutes instead of 24. What’s more, the Arenas themselves are being condensed, and silver rewards for ship-to-ship battles are being increased. Currently, the changes are undergoing testing via the Sea of Thieves Insider Program. There is no confirmed date for the update release, but should there be no issues, April is the set month for the content update.


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