Horizon Forbidden West ‘Anticipated’ for a Release Date in the Second Half of 2021

The new PlayStation ad reveals the potential release date for several PS5 games. Horizon Forbidden West is now expected to have its release date within the second half of 2021, with others now confirmed for the first half. Anticipation for the new console is high and Sony aims to keep the ball rolling into next year with this trailer.

Horizon Forbidden West 'Anticipated' for a Release Date in the Second Half of 2021

PlayStation has released a trailer called “New Worlds To Explore”, which indicates when we can expect some of 2021’s biggest releases with the fine print at the bottom. This includes the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, announced 5 months ago as Horizon Forbidden West, which now has an expected release date within the second half of 2021. They also state that Grand Turismo 7Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and Returnal are anticipated to release in the first half of next year, indicating its presence in Sony’s ‘launch window’ for the PlayStation 5.

It’s clear that these games are the ones that Sony will be focusing on for its ‘launch window’ marketing, and it’s good to have more of a solid idea of when to expect Forbidden West even if it may be over a year away. As the new God of War game (likely called Ragnarök) has also been stated to be coming out in 2021, it can be fair to assume that that will also be a late 2021 release. The trailer only gives details on the games actually shown, so, as there isn’t a proper trailer yet, it was not included.

This specification for the releases of upcoming PS5 games will help to keep the hype going as we move into 2021 and as PS5 gets into its stride. Besides the new IP Returnal, these other games are sequels to much-loved series and will likely be what convinces many players to invest in the new console in its first year. This new ad, therefore, aims to focus on the launch-day titles with Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales and Demon’s Souls and makes promises of what’s to come with the other games featured. The new release date for Horizon Forbidden West does help fans know when to expect the highly anticipated sequel, even if it is a rather broad window. 

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