New Mafia 3 Update adds custom cars, races and more!

Roar onto the streets of New Bordeaux with brand new cars! Today, Mafia 3 receives its first of many free updates that will add a wealth of content to the game. Praised for its storytelling but bashed for its lack of variety, Mafia 3 received some mixed reviews, and it seems 2k and Hangar 13 aim to improve on the criticism by adding a wide variety of content through free updates.

New Mafia 3 Update adds custom cars, races and more!
Its time to screech back onto the streets of New Bordeaux, as Mafia 3 has received its first of many free updates, and this is definitely one for the car enthusiasts out there.

2k Games and Hangar 13 have released a new title update for the game, which adds customizations for Lincoln's fleet of 10 cars. Originally, you could only earn 6 through playing the game, three for those who own the Family Kick-Back DLC, and finally a brand new 10th unlockable car. Upgrading your fleet is easy: head to a Big Rick's garage, and you can spend all the time in the world selecting new trims, decals, spoilers, wheels, exhausts and more! This adds over 50 unique customization options, a great addition for avid racers in New Bordeaux. However, you cannot just apply these new customizationw willy nilly. No, that would be too easy. You unlock these customizations through the brand new car races.

This update adds a total of 12 new races, all of which are different and diverse in content and approach. Be the first to the finish line to take the victory, unlock new customizations, and maybe even unlock that special 10th car the Griffin Marauder, a sleek racing car. A must-have for running your crime empire in style.

Alongside the brand new cars, customizations and races, Lincoln can now equip three brand new outfits. Two are available in-game and the final one is available to those who choose to link their Mafia 3 account with their My2K account, acquiring the three-piece suit The Classico, and a brand new custom Gold & Ivory Revolver, Il Duca.

So what are you waiting for? New Bordeaux's racing scene is just asking to be conquered, so speed onto the scene and dominate the competition!

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