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Mafia 3 patch removes locked frame rate for PC users

The latest patch to Mafia 3 removes the once-locked 30fps for PC users, adding 60fps and unlimited-fps options for users.

Mafia 3 patch removes locked frame rate
Mafia 3, the open-world organized crime simulator set in the murky swamps and surly city of New Bordeaux, recently had a patch added for PC users, which allows them to change their fps setting between being locked at 30fps, 60fps, or having an unlimited fps for those with more powerful gaming rigs.

This patch had been announced by Hangar 13 prior to the game's release, but it is nice to see the patch get out as quickly as it did. The patch is only available for PC users and allows them to change their fps settings in the 'Display' option in the settings menu. Along with this new option, it was mentioned that keyboard remapping has been improved.

An important thing to note is that all custom key mappings will be reset to default, so be sure to reapply your key maps after you install the patch, which can be found under the 'Controls' option in the settings menu.

In Mafia 3 you play as Lincoln Clay, a Vietnam war veteran returning to his home in New Bordeaux. In this 1968 open-world crime game, you try to escape your criminal past; but when your surrogate family, the Black Mob, is wiped out in a betrayal by the Italian Mafia, you will create a new family, taking revenge on the ones responsible. With satisfying gunplay and hand-to-hand combat coupled with intense, behind-the-wheel action, Lincoln Clay will work his way back up New Bordeaux's underworld.

If you're interested in checking out the game on PC, you can find it on Steam.

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