Romantic relationship in Mafia 3

Hangar 13 team shared details of the relationships between the characters and their roles in the game.

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Hangar 13 team shared details of the relationships between the characters and their roles in the game. The protagonist of Mafia 3 in addition to brotherly relations with his own gangs and manipulation of money may also rely on the relationship.

In the game Clay Lincoln will develop his relations with Vito Scaletta, Cassandra and Burke. Depending on the choice players' choice, the relationship can go further into friendship but for gamers there will be no possibility to plunge into a romantic relationship.

"In the game there is no system that pretended to date. Gameplay concentrated on building your empire, and to work together with the characters. But this does not mean that Lincoln will not develop a serious relationship with key characters, which are based on mutual respect "- said the creative director of Hangar 13 Haden Blackman.

An important role in the game will have money. Depending on what business players will instruct their assistant, a character will bring more or less profit to the whole gang. Based on their skills you have to carefully plan the occupation of your comrades.

You can earn money in several ways. When you grab the shelter, you get a cash reward. When you assign someone to work in any of these places, the characters earn money. Everyone has their own unique skills to help earn more in a particular area. The amount of profit also depends on the size of your business. There are some works in which Vito has no equal, and then it is best to entrust the management of these tasks. But there are other values that can be obtained by selecting other people to do the jobs.

Release date of Mafia 3 is scheduled for 2016. The game will be on platforms PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


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