Monster Hunter Rise Post-Launch Update Revealed, Limited Time Demo Returning

The first post-launch content update for Monster Hunter Rise has been announced, as well as the return of the limited time demo on March 11th. Also revealed were new monsters, the ability to swap out different combat skills, and a better look at Rampage mode.

First Monster Hunter Rise Post-Launch Update Revealed, Limited Time Demo Returning

Capcom has announced the first post-launch update coming to Monster Hunter Rise, as well as the return of the limited time demo, in a recent digital press event. They also detailed some of the features of the game, such as the Rampage events, and the newly revealed Switch Skills.

The first post-launch update will arrive in late April, and will contain several new monsters, as well as removing the cap on players’ Hunter Ranks. One of the new monsters was revealed to be Chameleos, which is a chameleon-themed Elder Dragon that was last seen in the series in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. The Hunter Rank is a cumulative rank that players level up as they complete quests, and in previous entries is used to gate access to more difficult opponents. It is likely that players will need a high rank to take on Chameleos.

[OFFICIAL] Monster Hunter Digital Event - March 8, 2021

Switch Skills allow players to swap out specific moves in their arsenal, both for some regular attacks, as well as the special Silkbind attacks, allowing them to customise their play style. One example that was given is the ability to change one move for the Gunlance that fires explosive shots at close range, in to one that fires the weapon backwards and launches the player forward. The Rampage mode mixes the usual Monster Hunter gameplay style with tower defence elements. Players set up and operate various turrets and cannons to defend against a hoard of monsters attacking a stronghold, but can also get up close and personal with their usual weaponry.

The demo that was only available for a limited time earlier this year will also be returning on March 11th. This new version of the demo will include a new quest featuring Magnamalo, the flagship monster for the game. All the quests from the last demo will return, and the counter for how many quests the player can play will be reset.

Monster Hunter Rise - Kamura's Hope Trailer

What do you think about the post-launch update for Monster Hunter Rise? Do you plan to try out the demo again? Let me know in the comments.

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