Monster Hunter Rise Is Coming to PC

Capcom has announced that their latest entry into the Monster Hunter series, "Monster Hunter Rise", is set to release on PC, though not at any point in 2021. The title has since been confirmed for a March 26th release for Nintendo Switch.

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The excitement around the release of Monster Hunter Rise has continued to build since its initial unveiling via the Monster Hunter Direct video announcement on September 17th. And with the title set to launch on the Nintendo Switch later this month, March 26th to be precise, Capcom has now dropped a bombshell on the Monster Hunter community by officially confirming via the Monster Hunter Rise website that the title will be making its way to PC through Steam.

However, much like its predecessor, Monster Hunter: World, the PC version will not be released alongside its console counterpart and will launch in the early quarter of the following year.

A PC release for Monster Hunter Rise had been rumoured for a while after Capcom suffered a network breach in November 2020. The breach meant that classified documents concerning the release of Monster Hunter Rise were leaked onto the internet; within these documents was information suggesting that Monster Hunter Rise was set for a PC release sometime around October 2021.

Whilst this information hasn’t turned out to be entirely accurate, it was at least correct in detailing that a PC release for Monster Hunter Rise was in the works, even if the suggested release date was a bit off the mark.

This official confirmation from Capcom itself does open up a slight problem for fans that were considering picking up the title for the Nintendo Switch. Many fans will be eager enough to buy the title on release and won’t mind spending the extra to pick up the game later on when it releases for PC.

But some fans won’t want to commit to purchasing the title on two separate devices, especially if it means starting over from zero when they get their hands on the PC version once it is released. This is something fans will have to seriously consider; whilst starting from zero is nothing new to veteran Monster Hunter fans, newcomers may find themselves holding off on the Switch release and waiting for the PC version of the game instead to avoid this issue entirely.

Capcom could alleviate this issue by implementing a cross-save system into Monster Hunter Rise, but there is no evidence to suggest that they are working on such a feature, although it would be awesome to use your PC version as the main platform and then take your save with you on your Switch when required.

Tigrex monster from a cutscene in Monster Hunter Rise

Tigrex monster from a cutscene in Monster Hunter Rise

But what are your thoughts on Monster Hunter Rise coming to PC? Are you excited to see Capcom continue to bring more Monster Hunter titles to such a large global platform? And what version of Monster Hunter Rise will you be picking up? I’d love to know in the comments below!

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