Fallout 76 to Add Repair Kits to the Atomic Shop

In the weeks following the April 9 patch, Bethesda will add repair kits to Fallout 76. One of the two types of repair kits will only be available to purchase in the Atomic Store. The other kind will be found through gameplay.

Bethesda announced today that repair kits will be coming to Fallout 76, and will take two forms: one that can be purchased using the premium currency, Atoms, in the Atomic Shop, and one that can be found through in-game activities.

The Basic Repair Kit, which will be available in the Atomic Shop, can be held in your inventory and used at any time to repair an item to 100 percent condition without having to spend crafting materials. There has been no word on how many Atoms it will cost to acquire a Basic Repair Kit, but it’s worth noting players can receive Atoms through in-game challenges or using real-world money.

The other repair kit is called the Improved Repair Kit, and cannot be purchased in the Atomic Shop, but is rewarded as you complete in-game content. The Improved Repair Kit will restore an item to 150 percent condition without the use of any crafting materials, allowing it to last even longer.

Both repair kits will be making their way into the game in the weeks following the release of Patch Eight for Fallout 76 on April 9. Be sure to check out Bethesda’s Inside the Vault post from today for more information about upcoming content for Fallout 76.

Let us know in the comments below if you think this is a step in the direction of turning Fallout 76 into a pay-to-win game, or if this doesn’t constitute that. It’s sure to save some people some time instead of collecting crafting materials and finding a workbench to repair their equipment at. Does that bug you at all, or it a nice improvement considering even better repair kits can be found through gameplay?

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