Cuphead Celebrates 2nd Birthday, 5 Million Sale And More

This month brings much celebration for Cuphead. Among this is its 2nd anniversary, platinum sales, a top music rank, and even its addition to Tesla. To mark some of this is a week-long sale, as well as some other promised goodies.

Cuphead Celebrates 2nd Anniversary, 5 Million Sale And More

Cuphead officially celebrates its second anniversary this end of the month. More than this, the game also reached five-times platinum with over 5 million copies sold. To celebrate these achievements, Studio MDHR has announced via Tweet that there will be a 20% discount. The discount will be running for a full week. By next week, the discount will be available on all platforms. In addition, there are also giveaways planned for five days to look forward too.

Other than the birthday and sale, Cuphead also celebrates gaining the top spot on the Billboard’s Jazz charts. Specifically, through the double-album re-release of last year’s soundtrack, Selected Tunes. It is the first game score to achieve such a thing. Lasting till the week of September 14, the score ended up overtaken by Miles Davis.

Another thing that the game is celebrating this month is its release to Tesla. It was initially announced in June and now the release is officially available for the Model 3, Model S, and Model X. However, it can only be played when the car is parked and a wired USB controller is needed to run. What’s more, only the first zone of the game can be accessed. 

Aside from all the accomplishments the game has going on, there is still more to look forward too. Coming next year is the release of the DLC. Originally, it was planned to release within this year but was delayed so that further work could be placed on it. What fans can look forward to with the game are a new island, new weapons, charms, bosses, and the new playable character, Ms. Chalice. Then there is also the Netflix series of the game to look forward to. However, there are still details on the series pending. So far its been confirmed that Studio MDHR’s Chad and Jared Moldenhauer are serving as executive producers. 


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