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Cuphead Animated Series Coming to Netflix

Old-school animation coming to a new-school platform! Netflix and Studio MDHR are collaborating to bring the 1930's-style animation of Cuphead to life in a new series for Netflix. It will feature a crack team of producers who have worked on numerous other Netflix animated projects.
Cuphead Animated Series Coming to Netflix

Cuphead Animated Series Coming to Netflix

Following last week’s disappointing delay of Cuphead’s major DLC, Studio MDHR has offered some more positive Cuphead news. Announced today via Twitter, Netflix Animation will be adapting the stylish indie hit into a new animated series entitled The Cuphead Show!. You can see the first announcement and promotional art for the series in the tweet below.

The Hollywood Reporter has shared further details about the project. It will aim to “expand upon the the characters and world of the game,” focusing on the titular Cuphead’s misadventures after making a dangerous deal with the devil.

Original Cuphead creators Chad and Jared Moldenhauer will serve as executive producers alongside C.J. Kettler, who has previously worked on Netflix’s original Carmen Sandiego series. The project will be produced by Netflix Animation, featuring a team of producers who have worked on Mickey Mouse Shorts and Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling. King Features Syndicate, which owns the rights to many popular comic and cartoon series like Garfield, Archie, and Popeye, will also be involved in the show’s production.

Aside from the confirmation that the series is “Now in production,” no further info on its release schedule has been announced.

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