Cuphead PS4 Trophy Guide: The Best Tips To Earn The Platinum Trophy

Everyone's favourite 1930's, boss-heavy, Dark Souls-levels-of-difficulty shooter is now on the PS4. This comprehensive guide will help you stand the best chance of attaining the incredibly tough platinum. It's no secret, for trophy hunters out there, this is one of the harder ones to get your hands on. Will you be on the end of the walloping? Or will you hand out the wallops?

Cuphead PS4 Trophy Guide: The Best Tips To Earn The Platinum Trophy Cover

Just as the PS4 was coming to to the end of its successful cycle, Studio MDHR decide to dish out one final port of Cuphead to Sony sufferers that have not had the pleasure of indulging in this quite incredible game. Whilst the Cuphead DLC continues to be delayed, it gives people an excuse, not that they need one, to go one more round with this special test of patience. The only somewhat downside, is that trophy hunters have one more substantial headache ahead of them as Cuphead – to put it lightly – does NOT give out platinum trophies willy-nilly. Which is why henceforth, people should not fear, as I have compiled some must-have, must-use hints and tips to give yourself the best chance possible of getting your frustrated mitts on this sacred bad boy. Without further ado, let’s dive straight into our Cuphead PS4 Trophy Guide!

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Cuphead is available to buy on PS4, Xbox, Switch, and Steam.

Cuphead - Launch Trailer | PS4

Grand Uproar – Obtain all other trophies

Simply obtain all other trophies to unlock the platinum trophy.

Taking Names – Defeat a boss

This will come naturally as you play the game, defeat any boss on the first isle to unlock this trophy.

A Walk In The Park – Defeat every boss in Inkwell Isle I

This will pop once you’ve defeated the last boss on Isle I.

A Day At The Fair – Defeat every boss in Inkwell Isle II

This will pop once you’ve defeated the last boss on Isle II.

A Trip Downtown – Defeat every boss in Inkwell Isle III

This will pop once you’ve defeated the last boss on Isle III.

Casino Night – Complete the Casino

The Casino consists of King Dice. In order to get to King Dice, you’ll have to beat at least 3 mini-bosses to set up a final fight with King Dice. Make sure you’re careful with your dice rolls and you can guarantee which mini-bosses you face, just watch for the pattern, and use the P. Sugar charm to make this easier. P. Sugar will also help out immensely with the final encounter with King Dice. He will send out several parryable cards and this charm makes it easier.

Notice the hearts above 3, 4, and 9? These are your extra life opportunities.

Notice the hearts above 3, 4, and 9? These are your extra life opportunities.

There is an extra life available on each set of games, however I just went for the 3 games that I found easiest – and even pressed ‘Retry’ to shuffle the extra lives. I found 2, 4, and 8 to be the easiest mini-games.

Swing You Sinner – Defeat The Devil

The final boss of the game. If you’ve rejected his deal to become evil, then you’ll face him. I don’t think he’s as tough as some of the other bosses in the game, I guess the spectacle may intimidate people. His toughest phase is comfortably his first one. Always be mindful of his demon buddies that scurry across the screen at regular intervals. His long arm and snake attacks are easily telegraphed too. Make sure to use Super Art I in this phase to reduce the length of time you spend on it. 

Also, with phase 3, I focused on using Spread and just avoiding everything where possible. I find that if you focus too much on taking out the other enemies then you can become distracted and fall to pieces in seconds. 

Souls Saved – Complete the game on Normal

Simply beat every boss on Regular difficulty to unlock. 

Beat The Devil At His Own Game – Complete the game on Expert

The hardest trophy in the game without a shadow of a doubt, and the one that will determine whether or not you’ll get your hands on the platinum trophy. If you’re attempting Expert, then you’ll have already finished the game once on Regular difficulty at the very least. I would highly recommend saving this trophy until last. This way, you’ll have played the levels multiple times and should near-enough know them inside out. You need to know their phases, what weapons work best, when to parry etc.

Expert Mode ramps up the intensity as bosses will now launch projectiles much faster, more regularly, and in greater quantities. They themselves will move faster, they’ll have magically acquired new attacks, a duo boss can now attack simultaneously instead of alternatively, and of course – they take way more damage. One of the biggest differences is that certain phases – difficult ones too – now seem to last an incredibly long time. Expert Mode requires precision and patience, but it can be done.

Spread hits HARD. It was my primary weapon for most bosses.

Spread hits HARD. It was my primary weapon for most bosses.

Weapons: Throughout my journey with Cuphead, I only ever used 4 weapons – and one of them I only used on one level. 

  • Spread – I found this to deal the highest damage. You do have to be close, but if you know the boss inside out, then you’ll know when to use it, it’s your best chance at reducing your time spent with a boss.
  • Chaser – It’s not a ‘nooby weapon’, it’s incredibly useful. If you don’t care about S-Ranks, then use Chaser when you need to concentrate on avoiding attacks. Let the weapon do the work.
  • Peashooter – Perfect for those mid-range encounters where you’re uncomfortable getting too close for Spread, but you have enough control of the situation to deal damage from a distance.
  • Roundabout – To only be used on “Grim Matchstick”, during his first phase.

Charms: Again, you only need a limited amount of charms throughout.

  • Heart – Depending on your ability, you may not need an extra heart and don’t want the drop off in firepower. I found it useful for some bosses and it gave me confidence knowing I had a get out of jail free card.
  • P. Sugar – Not needing to time your first parry – particularly in Expert Mode – is more useful than I could ever explain. Guaranteed to save you HP and earn you Supers quicker.

Super Arts: Only one needed here, the very first one. Your focus on every fight should be about building up your super meter ASAP, and using multiple Super Arts in a fight. More damage. Quicker fight.

  • Super Art I – The most powerful, and the easiest to use. Simple.

Generally each boss would be a combination of Spread, Chaser, or Peashooter. Obviously this is just for non-flying bosses. Here are my recommendations:

  • The Root Pack – Peashooter, Spread, P. Sugar
  • Goopy Le Grande – Spread, Chaser, P. Sugar
  • Ribby and Croaks – Peashooter, Spread, Heart
  • Cagney Carnation – Peashooter, Chaser, Heart
  • Barones Von Bon Bon – Spread, Chaser, Heart
  • Beppi The Clown – Peashooter, Spread, P. Sugar
  • Grim Matchstick – Roundabout, Peashooter, Heart
  • Rumor Honeybottoms – Peashooter, Chaser, Heart
  • Captain Brineybeard – Chaser, Peashooter, P. Sugar
  • Werner Werman – Spread, Chaser, P. Sugar
  • Sally Stageplay – Spread, Chaser, Heart
  • King Dice – Spread, Chaser, P. Sugar
  • The Devil – Spread, Chaser, P. Sugar

I beat all of the bosses, on Expert, with the above combinations. Learn when to use them and you should be able to do it.

Sheriff – Obtain an A-Rank or higher on all bosses in Inkwell Isle I

See “King“.

Boss – Obtain an A-Rank or higher on all bosses in Inkwell Isle II

See “King“.

Mayor – Obtain an A-Rank or higher on all bosses in Inkwell Isle III

See “King“.

King – Obtain an A-Rank or higher on all bosses in Inkwell Hell

Firstly, to clarify, the highest grade you need to earn is an A-. Scraping the barrel will suffice here. 

In order to achieve this rank, you need to satisfy most of the criteria for each level.

  • Time: You’ll need to complete the level in under a certain time – your report will show the time as yellow if you did it quick enough. If not, it deducts a point
  • HP Bonus: Each time you get hit you will have one point deducted
  • Parry: You need to parry pink objects 3 times to satisfy this criteria, but not all parryable things count, such as contextual items to progress. Generally anything that can hurt you will probably count
  • Super Meter: Use either one Super Arts and an Extra Special attacks, or use 6 Extra Special attacks. Just make sure you use 6 cards to meet the requirements
  • Skill Level: This is determined by the difficulty you play on. Simple grants 1 star, Regular is 2 stars, and Expert is 3 stars

You are basically allowed 2 deductions. Do the levels on Regular, and aim to do everything else apart from HP bonus. Again, this is subjective based on ability, but I had some bosses where I had 1/3 for HP, but met everything else. Or I took one hit, and only got 2 parries. You’re allowed two mistakes, so be vigilant and find which way works best for you. Super Meter and Skill Level are the two that are basically non-negotiable.

An example of a perfect run. You're allowed 2 deductions, so be careful.

An example of a perfect run. You’re allowed 2 deductions, so be careful.

Put On A Show – Get an S-Rank

To achieve an S-Rank you have to be playing on Expert Mode first of all. Then after that, it’s about maximizing the individual categories in the results. So being quick, not getting hit, performing 3 parries, and using 6 super cards. My advice would be to do it on The Root Pack. 

Magician Lord – Obtain all Super Arts

Beat all 3 Mausoleum stages to collect all the Super Arts. Using the P. Sugar Charm makes these an absolute cakewalk.

Butter-and-Egg Man – Buy everything in Porkrind’s shop

Obtain all the coins in the game and purchase everything in Porkrind’s shop until he’s completely sold-out. See “High Roller“.

Coffers Full – Get every coin in all of the levels

See “High Roller“.

High Roller – Get every coin in the game

There are 40 coins in total.

  • Obtain all 5 coins from every Run ‘N’ Gun level
  • Complete the “Home Sweet Home” tutorial to get one coin
  • Talk to Mac – sitting on the bridge on Isle I – to get 3 coins from him
  • Do 4 parries in-a-row then talk to Buster on Isle II – he will be juggling a object – to get a coin
  • Either connect the bridges or find the shortcut on Isle II, then speak to Ginger, she will give you a coin
  • Beat every boss on Isle I, then return to Chip, he will have moved to one side, exposing a feint amount of a hidden coin
  • Hidden Coin two is hidden behind one of the tents near “Funhouse Frazzle”
  • On Inkwell Isle III, this hidden coin is behind a ticket booth not far from the Cala Maria boss entrance
  • The final hidden coin is behind the left wall of the Casino area

Parry Persistence – Complete 20 parries

See “Parry Performance”.

Parry Performance – Complete 100 parries

Even Beppi's rollercoaster can be parried. Always be on the look out for parryable objects.

Even Beppi’s rollercoaster can be parried. Always be on the look out for parryable objects.

This is a cumulative trophy that you should easily get through playing the game naturally. 

Pacifist – Complete all levels without killing an enemy

Another brutal trophy that will cause some angst and frustration, some of these will take you a few goes to say the least. You quite literally CANNOT kill anyone in any of the Run ‘N’ Gun levels. Nevertheless, it is doable. I’ll list a few tips on how to successfully meet the demands of each level.

  • Forest Follies: You will need to have Super Art II equipped and Twin Heart. Run and dodge everything. However, make sure you accumulate 5 parries from mushrooms and pink spike balls. When you get to the “Acorn Maker” mini-boss, jump and use your Super Art and it will make you invincible and propel you over it. Now finish the level.
  • Treetop Trouble: Same abilities equipped. You’ll need to achieve 5 parries for your Super Art to get past the boss at the end of the level. Until then you have 4 lives, and you will need to use one or two to get get hit and get through some enemies.
  • Funhouse Frazzle: A mind-bender for sure, but with Twin Heart equipped, you just need to be able to time jumps and ignore the disorientating axis reversals. You can duck under ducks funnily enough, and when cars and tongues appear out of the giant wall mini-bosses, you can actually jump and dash over them to get through the wall, instead of defeating them.
  • Funfair Fever: Have Super Art II and Twin Heart equipped and get 5 parries from pink balloons early on. Once you eventually get to the next tent with platforms that can be collapsed by flying balls, use your Super Art to dive through the two vertical lines of small robots. Then take a hit going through the 3 cannons. Now, all you need to do is make it to the end and take one final hit dashing through the final mini-boss.
  • Rugged Ridge: Twin Heart is all you need for this one. Lots of Rugged Ridge’s test will boil down to your ability to time jumps. The first section (until you reach the elevator) is minimizing the damage. There are several places where you can jump over and under enemies onto ledges, and just past the enemies themselves. There is a large amount of trial and error with this one. Once you get past the elevator, then the 2 mini-bosses can actually be parried on their mask – at its apex – and you can jump right over them.  
  • Perilous Piers: People may think differently, but for me, P. Sugar and Super Art II helped me fare better, particularly with the final, grueling bit. The first three-quarters of the level are all about parrying those pink fish, getting your meter full, and surviving until you get to the fish ride. If you do the level enough, it’s entirely possibly to get there with full health and a charged Super Art II. As for dodging the fish? That’s all on you I’m afraid. P. Sugar takes care of the octopus and flying pink fish, but you’ll need to remain focused as there is a lot to endure. Once you feel you’re near the end, or you see the pier and you’re down to one heart – use the Super Art.
If you see P, then you can jump with glee.

If you see P, then you can jump with glee.

Perfect Run – Complete a level without getting hit

This can be done on any difficulty.

Your best bet is to choose “The Root Pack” on Simple difficulty. You only have two phases to deal with, and his attacks are incredibly easy to avoid. Simply deplete his health bar – without getting hit – and the trophy should pop.

Porcelain Power – Defeat a boss with a Super Art

This can be done on any difficulty.

Again, choose “The Root Pack” on Simple difficulty. Now, during his carrot phase, there will come a point where you will need to determine how much health you think he has. This is when you use Super Art I and hopefully achieve the knockout with it. This may take a few goes for you to truly establish the optimal usage.

Ceramic Strike – Defeat a boss with an Extra Special move

This can be done on any difficulty.

Same as above, only this time you’ll use your single-hit EX move. I used the Spread EX move. Once again, it may take a couple of goes for you to get the timing down, but other than that it’s quite straightforward.

Rolling Sixes – Defeat King Dice without taking a hit

Don’t panic, this ISN’T as bad as it sounds. During the periods of rest in which you get to roll the dice to determine your fate, you’ll notice that several games have an extra heart on them. Roll the appropriate numbers, land on these games, and you’ll get the extra life added to your collection. It’s possible to reach a maximum of 6HP. The game doesn’t recognize any of these lives being lost as hits. So in theory, if you face King Dice with all 3 extra lives and only get hit 3 times, you’d still retain your original lives you began the process with and finish with a HP Bonus of 3/3.

So the key, as I stated above, is to pick your favourite/easiest bosses to beat, and then keep hitting the retry button until you get the extra lives to fall on those games. Again, I found 2, 4, and 8 to be the easiest.

Bravo Zulu P-26 – Defeat a boss using only the mini-plane bullets

You have to stay in this form when you fire, any regular bullets/bombs/specials and you'll need to restart.

You have to stay in this form when you fire, any regular bullets/bombs/specials and you’ll need to restart.

If you go to King Dice, you’ll find his 6th game is a flying one. Now being that they’re mini-bosses, you’ve got significantly less health and distractions to comprehend. Boss #6 only has 2 attacks. A horse riding Grim Reaper that appears at the bottom of the screen that will fly directly up when it detects you, and a box that is fired towards you and explodes – sending horse shoes flying in multiple directions. This is all easy enough to avoid, especially as you’ll be the agile mini-plane anyway. Just pick your moments, dodge the threats, and keep peppering him with mini-plane bullets to get this trophy.

Cutting Corners – Find a shortcut

The World Map has several shortcuts to allow easier access around it. The first one you come across is to the right of the tree housing Goopy Le Grande. If you keep following this path, you’ll momentarily disappear as you follow the u-bend around to the other side of the island. Reach the other side and the trophy will pop.

Bouncing Ball – Parry five times before hitting the ground

Using P. Sugar – and some calmness – should make this easier than it appears. I found the best place to do this was the final Mausoleum level as the second-half of the mission sees an influx of ghosts, especially the ones that require 3 hits to eradicate completely. Try this a few times and you should be golden.

Selling Out – Give in to The Devil

Easy trophy this. When you choose your difficulty for The Devil, it’ll go through the dialogue and present you with a choice: Have Cuphead and Mugman join The Devil and become evil, or turn him down and face him. What you actually want to do, is take his deal. You get an evil ending, the credits roll, and then you’re back to the main map. Trophy earned.

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