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Codemasters Release F2 2020 Season Update for F1 2020

Codemasters have just launched the F1 2020 F2 Season Update! Releasing long after the official game launch, the 2020 Season is now finally in F1 2020. Get to experience all the updated teams, drivers and liveries as per the current F2 championship.

Codemasters Release F2 2020 Season Update CoverIt’s time for F2 fans to rejoice! Gone are the days when you were stuck playing the 2019 season of F2 in F1 2020. Codemasters have launched the 2020 Season Update today which brings all the latest cars, teams and drivers to all game modes across all platforms.

The latest update is a little on the “heavy” side with a 1.6 GB update on Steam but promises a completely new experience for fans of the popular feeder series to F1. The new update provides new cars, up-to-date liveries and an updated driver roster.  You can use the cars online as well as offline. Driver Career mode will have the updated season when players start their journey.

Experience the graphical wholesomeness of these snazzy liveries.

Experience the graphical wholesomeness of these snazzy liveries.

The Season Update has been rolled out along with Patch 1.14 which includes numerous bug fixes as well. The update is now live on Steam (at the time of writing) and consoles are soon to follow. You can take a proper look at the complete patch notes and all the images on the official Codemasters page.

So hurry up and get in the game and make sure to check those beauties out on the track ASAP!

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