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F1 2020 Features Trailer Details ‘Podium Pass’

Codemasters has today released a features trailer for F1 2020 which releases on July 10th. The new trailer details features we already knew about such as the My Team mode but introduced something new known as 'podium pass'. The new pass will be available in the game on release day.

F1 2020 Features Trailer Details 'Podium Pass'Ahead of the launch of F1 2020 next Friday, Codemasters has released a new trailer detailing the main features in the next installment of the yearly franchise. 

F1 2020 will include deeper integration of Formula 2 with players being able to complete a full F2 season before they jump into their 10-season career in Formula 1. For the more casual players, a shorter 10 race and 16 race season can be completed as opposed to the full 22 race calendar.  There are also more assists available for that extra helping hand too.

One of the more interesting new additions is the ‘podium pass’ which seems to act in a very similar way to a battle pass that is present in most first-person shooters nowadays. Whilst racing in F1 2020, players will be able to earn new customisation options including podium celebrations and race overalls.

F1® 2020 | Features Trailer

Describing the new podium pass in a recent blog post, Codemasters said:

The podium pass allows you Race, Earn and Unlock. Each season you’ll be able to unlock free customisation items by racing in your favourite game modes and earning XP. Custom cosmetic items include car liveries, race equipment such as gloves, overalls and helmets, and podium emotes.

F1 2020 is available next Friday, July 10th for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia.

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