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Series Two Of Podium Pass Now Available in F1 2020

Series two of the podium pass for F1 2020 is finally here! The new pass will include new unlockables for players to earn including car liveries and emotes. In a statement, Codemasters say series one was "very well received" by players. T...

F1 2020 Features Trailer Details ‘Podium Pass’

Codemasters has today released a features trailer for F1 2020 which releases on July 10th. The new trailer details features we already knew about such as the My Team mode but introduced something new known as 'podium pass'. The new pass wil...

Codemasters Debuts Hanoi Track In F1 2020 With A New Trailer

Codemasters has continued to iterate on the F1 games every single year. With F1 2020, there is the introduction of the Hanoi Circuit that has made it onto the real-life F1 calendar. This new track takes much inspiration from legendary circu...

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