F1 2020: HUD and Terminology Guide

The F1 2020 HUD and Terminology Guide aims to be a learning tool for budding F1 drivers. Ever wondered what those wacky acronyms on your screen mean? Do you wan...

F1 2020: How To Improve As Controller Player

F1 2020: How To Improve On Controller

F1 2020 may seem difficult when playing on controller. However, this guide will explain the main keys to improve your skills as a gamepad player. Everything fro...

F1 2020 Beginner's Guide Cover

F1 2020: A Basic Beginners Guide

We all strive to be great at gaming, and F1 2020 is no different. With this essential F1 2020 beginners guide, you too can start racing like your favourite F1 Y...

HAAS and Racing Point battling

F1 2020: 5 Easy Steps To Become A Better Racer

The brand new F1 2020 is all about being the fastest around the circuit. But it's not very easy to become the champion for a beginner. This 5-easy-steps guide w...

Complete Trophies And Achievement List for F1 2020 Cover

Complete Trophies And Achievements List for F1 2020

Despite the real-world interruptions to the F1 season, the official game will receive no pit-stops. We have the full list of trophies and achievements and there...

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