Blade & Soul – Secrets of the Stratus update now live

As Blade & Soul, the ground-breaking MMO from NCSOFT West , enters its second year, a huge content expansion that will bring sweeping changes to the game is now live.

Blade & Soul’s “Secrets of the Stratus” Update is Now Live!
The free expansion update, dubbed “Secrets of the Stratus” completely revamps character skill-trees, adds new Hongmoon levels, a Hongmoon Training room to practice combos and boss fights, new PVE areas, new dungeons, and more. It also includes Act 7 of the game’s storyline, where the fate of the apprentice Jinsoyun hangs in the balance.

The expansion trailer for Blade & Soul:

Secrets of the Stratus Expansion Now Live

There are two notable items available for purchase beginning today: Level 50 Character Creation Voucher, which will instantaneously grant players a new level 50 character of their choosing. With the launch of the “Secrets of the Stratus” update, the vouchers will have a limited time promotional price of €40 through 2nd May, when the vouchers will revert to the regular price of €50. Also available is the new Grand Phoenix costume bundle (€60), which will include a costume, headpiece, adornment, pet, and weapon skin all designed in a glorious grand phoenix motif. Equipping the Grand Phoenix set will grant players a unique emote as well, but will only be available to purchase through 2nd May.
The full breadth of the expansion details and new items available can be found in the game’s patch notes on the official website
Finally, NCSOFT is working on a brand new esports initiative for its portfolio of games and Blade & Soul will be one of the first titles involved. Following the recently announced Korean championship tournament, this year Europe and North America will join in the competition that culminates with the World Championships later this year. There will be more details on registering for the first Blade & Soul event in the coming weeks.