Silverfrost Mountains – The Biggest Update for Blade & Soul

The start of this year has been busy in terms of content for Blade and Soul. It looks like the developers are going to continue the crazy pace and a new major content is just around the corner for the fans of the game.

Blade and Soul
The expansion features a lot of new content. There will be New Large Scale Content as well as new Dungeons. Soulstone Plains will serve as a new PVP zone. Lastly, there will be a new capital city: “the palatial and expansive mountain city of Zaiwei will serve as your new base of operations, activity hub, crafting workshop, and social center. Its broad thoroughfares and gold-leafed monuments are matched only by the city’s plights, and need for assistance from willing warriors.”

The mountain city of Zaiwei
Use this link if you want to know more details about the upcoming expansion.

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