NCSOFT announces Blade & Soul’s latest update, Beluga Lagoon

NCSOFT announce the latest update for Blade & Soul as Beluga Lagoon, a 6v6 arena mode with brand new legendary weapons and customisation options. Can you win the favour of The White Whale?

NCSOFT announces Blade & Soul's latest update, Beluga Lagoon
NCSOFT have announced the next step for Blade & Soul, their martial arts MMORPG. The creators of Guild Wars have showcased some details for the Beluga Lagoon update, in which players can expect to be thrown into a heated 6v6 arena against other players in the attempt to impress the legendary Flying White Whale.

Along with the promise of a 6v6 PVP arena, players can expect to see new Legendary Soul Shields and a new Legendary Weapon, both of which can be earned exclusively by participating in the Beluga Lagoon. To accompany these new additions, players will be able to clearly see the progression path on the weapon or accessory of their choice, including useful information such as Evolution items and future materials that will make life a little bit easier when it comes to upgrading your brand new Legendary weapons

Beluga Lagoon goes live for Blade & Soul on October 28th, 2016, available to play on any good Windows PC.

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