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Blade & Soul – Secrets of the Stratus update now live

As Blade & Soul, the ground-breaking MMO from NCSOFT West , enters its second year, a huge content expansion that will bring sweeping changes to the game is now live. The free expansion update, dubbed...

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First 24-member raid for Blade & Soul arrives this November

A new update for Blade & Soul features first ever 24-member raid. The update is planned for release on November 16. Midnight Skypetal Plains is an upcoming update for Blade & Soul. Releasing Novem...

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Blade & Soul Halloween Event and Beluga Lagoon Live

With Halloween getting closer and closer, Blade & Soul players can celebrate with two updates going live almost simultaneously. NCSOFT’s Blade & Soul Halloween event, Hallow’s Eve, is ...

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NCSOFT announces Blade & Soul’s latest update, Beluga Lagoon

NCSOFT announce the latest update for Blade & Soul as Beluga Lagoon, a 6v6 arena mode with brand new legendary weapons and customisation options. Can you win the favour of The White Whale? NCSOFT have...

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Rumble in the Realm tournaments announced for Blade & Soul

Rumble in the Realm tournament announced, to be streamed live on Twitch. See the article for details and make sure you don't miss your favorite Blade & Soul tournament. NCSOFT have helped to sponsor a...

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Blade & Soul – Ebondrake Citadel is now live

Blade & Soul Ebondrake Citadel is now live. The update includes Tower of Memory, a limited-time event dungeon. The Ebondrake Citadel update brings new features and content, including a new endgame dun...

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Don’t miss today’s Blade & Soul livestream about new class

NCSOFT plans to have a livestream today that will be completely devoted to a new class in Blade & Soul, the Soul Fighter class. The last class recently added in Blade & Soul is Soul Fighter. NCSOF...

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Blade and Soul’s roadmap released in producer’s letter

Recently, NCSOFT has released the producer's letter with a very detailed description of the game's current state as well as plans for the upcoming content. Recently, NCSOFT has released the produ...

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Next Blade & Soul update is Vengeance Breaks

Coming out on June 1, the Vengeance Breaks update features a lot of new content for the Blade and Soul game. NCSoft will introduce new dungeons, environments, challenges, and the ability to adopt pets...

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