Rumble in the Realm tournaments announced for Blade & Soul

Rumble in the Realm tournament announced, to be streamed live on Twitch. See the article for details and make sure you don't miss your favorite Blade & Soul tournament.

Rumble in the Realm tournaments announced for Blade & Soul

NCSOFT have helped to sponsor a pair of double-elimination tournaments in both North America and Europe, run by popular Esports teams Imperial (NA) and Legion (EU). The semi-finals and grand finals of this community tournament will be broadcast live on the official NCSOFT Twitch channel and via the in-game Blade & Soul TV. 

The support for the ever-growing community tournament scene comes on the back of the introduction of Spectator Mode, included in the Ebondrake Citadel update on October 5th. 

Community and Social Director of NCSOFT West, Omeed Dariani, offered his thoughts on the announcement to the community.

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