Life is Strange: Episode 2 Where to find the 5 Bottles

If you're wondering where the five bottles are in episode two of Life is Strange, this is the guide for you.

Life is Strange: Episode 2 Where to find the 5 Bottles - Cover
Life is Strange, published in 2015 by Square Enix, was one of the most obscure titles to be published by the Japanese company that brought us the Final Fantasy series. Developed by French developer Dontnot Entertainment, Life is Strange is an adventure series that will tug at your heart strings, and pull you in directions you didn't even know were there.

Life is Strange follows the ordinary life of Max Caulfield, a high school girl who wants nothing more than to blend in to the background of Blackwell High School and pursue her dream of becoming a photographer. However, Max's life and world are thrown upside down when she starts having visions of an enormous tornado decimating the town. While dozing off in photography class, Max discovers that she has the ability to reverse time. Although she begins using her powers by getting back at the school's number one bratty mean girl or saving her friends from minor embarassments, Max later sets her sights on the mysteries that surround the school and her town. What happened to the girl that disappeared? What does the town's richest family have to do with it all? How can Max save her town from impending doom and how can she save the lives of all those she cares about? Indeed for her, life is about to become very strange.

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Life is strange Episode 2: Collect five bottles

Where are the five bottles in episode two of Life is Strange?
In the middle of episode two of Life of Strange, Max's best friend Chloe decides to kill time by shooting up the junkyard with a revolver she stole from her stepdad. Chloe gives Max the arduous quest of finding five beer bottles for them to use as targets. Finding five bottles in the massive junkyard may be harder than it seems. If you're having trouble finding the five bottles in episode two of Life of Strange, we've got you covered.

Bottle 1

Life is Strange: Episode 2 Where to find the 5 Bottles - Bottle 1Start the quest by collecting the closest bottle to Chloe. When facing Chloe, look to the right until you see a white refrigerator in front of a yellow bus. On top of the refrigerator lies the first bottle on top of a couple tires. When you approach the fridge and reach up for the bottle it will slip and crack on the floor. Rewind time and approach the wooden crate to the right of the fridge in front of the boat. Move it to the front of the fridge. Max will now climb on top of the crate and collect the bottle with no issues.

Bottle 2
Life is Strange: Episode 2 Where to find the 5 Bottles - Bottle 2

Next, look to the right of the boat and continue down the path until you see a large tire on top of a rusted car. The next bottle is on the hood of the car.

Bottle 3
Life is Strange: Episode 2 Where to find the 5 Bottles - Bottle 3

The third bottle is a little hidden. Continue to the right of the car and you'll see the train tracks. Turn right and follow the train tracks until you see a campfire in between rows of piled up cars. Approach the campfire and you'll notice the bottle on the ground to the right of the campfire.

Warning: notice a large tire with a large wooden spool and wooden crate on top of a car near the front of the path. Try to avoid making contact with it and stay close to the left side. If you hit the tire or spool they will collapse behind you as you approach the campfire. If this happens, you'll have to rewind time to clear the path

Bottle 4
Life is Strange: Episode 2 Where to find the 5 Bottles - Bottle 4

Keep walking along the train tracks until you notice a small shack on your right. Enter the shack and you'll find numerous items and photos belonging to Chloe and the missing girl, Rachel. The two used to be best friends and it'd add to the story if you took some time to look at the various items and listen to Max's thoughts. The bottle will be on a table in the shack.

Bottle 5

Life is Strange: Episode 2 Where to find the 5 Bottles - Bottle 5
The final and most troublesome bottle to find is on top of a large boat in the middle of the junkyard. Look at the bottle and Max will think about reaching the boat from higher ground. Across from the boat is a small ridge. Climb up the ridge and find a plank near the edge of it. Move the plank and walk across it to get onto the boat and collect the fifth and final bottle.

Still having trouble with some aspects of Life is Strange? What do you think of the game? Let us know in the comments below. 

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