Life Is Strange Devs Tease Sequel To Smash Hit

A recent DeckNine Games blog post may have confirmed the possibility of a sequel to the successful time-traveling epic Life Is Strange. The prequel, Before The Storm, has just released and will receive a bonus episode as well. Fans have been clamoring for sequel news since the original game released.

Life Is Strange Devs Tease Sequel To Smash Hit
Life is Strange was a smash-hit success for DONTNOD Entertainment. The game and it's wonderfully written narrative won gamers across the world over almost instantly. The ability to choose where the story went and to be able to manipulate time to alter your decisions was groundbreaking. The prequel Before The Storm filled the gaps that lead to the start of the first game.

A recent Tumblr blog post from DeckNinethe developers of the prequel game, thanked fans worldwide for their overwhelming support and love for the franchise. They also thanked fans for supporting the new developer in creating the prequel game. At the end of the post it was mentioned there will be news soon about the next part of the Life is Strange story. DONTNOD are currently working on a brand-new action RPG known as Vampyr. They will soon be releasing more information on the upcoming game and their new sequel to Life is Strange. No concrete information was given, but the post did state more news will become available very soon. 

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