Life Is Strange: Remastered Collection Gameplay Footage Gains Mixed Feedback

Deck Nine has released some Life is Strange Remastered Collection gameplay and fans have mixed feelings towards the new game's graphics in comparison with the original. Available to watch now are a few gameplay snippets as well as the official cutscene comparison.

Life Is Strange: Remastered Collection Gameplay Footage Gains Mixed Feedback

Recently, Deck Nine released footage of Life Is Strange Remastered Collection gameplay on the game’s official YouTube Channel. One video shows Max attending her lecture at Blackwell Academy before using her powers for the first time. The other is a comparison video. It shows the differences between the original and the remastered version. Fans of the game, however, have given mixed feedback on the gameplay.

Overall, players expressed positivity towards the new facial expressions as well as the game’s new animations. It is a huge step up from the original, in which characters seemed to lack emotional depth with their body language and facial animations. However, players voiced more negative opinions towards the way certain textures look. More specifically, the models of the characters.

First Official Gameplay - Life is Strange: Remastered Collection

Life Is Strange is a game that many fans hold dear to their hearts. When the developers announced that they were in the process of remastering the original game and its prequel, Before the Storm, the player base rejoiced at the return of the two most beloved characters of the franchise, Max and Chloe. When Deck Nine showed off footage in the original trailer, players were not happy with how it looked. Ultimately, this led to a delay of the game as the developers wanted to get it right.

Once again, however, Deck Nine has given us another glimpse at the game. In the Life Is Strange remastered gameplay, some scenes look phenomenal, with realistic expressions and characterised animations. Other fans have noticed that the lighting seems off, or that the character models look too smoothed over.

Take a look at the cutscene comparison below. Let us know your thoughts on the Life Is Strange remastered gameplay.

Official Cutscene Comparison - Life is Strange: Remastered Collection (Chloe's Bedroom Scene)


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