Life Is Strange Sequel Incoming?

Time wielding powers await you in a new emotional adventure! Dontnod announces that work on a new Life Is Strange game has been in progress since 2016. Even though the new entry is not labelled a sequel, we can hope that the game will be as entertaining as the original with another diverse list of characters to meet.

Life Is Strange Sequel Incoming?
Great news coming from Dontnod Entertainment. It appears that their interactive drama, Life Is Strange, sold over 3 million units to date. The French developer confirmed the news on their twitter feed and posted a video where some of the studio heads showed their appreciation for the fans. They also revealed that they have been working on "a new Life Is Strange game" since last year. The choice of words may suggest that the new game won't be a sequel or that it may feature new characters. See the video below:

A special message from DONTNOD Entertainment

Life Is Strange released on 2015 across a variety of platforms and had you play the role of student Max Caulfield. She quickly discovers that she has the power to rewind time causing a butterfly effect. It is an episodic linear choice-driven story where the player is able to make dialogue decisions throughout the game that impact the progression and ending.

Will this be a direct sequel or a new story in the same universe. Perhaps E3 will reveal more. Stay tuned.

What do our readers think. Are you excited about a new Life Is Strange? Let us know.

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I think Life is Strange is the best of the episodic telltale-like games. Has a pretty interesting protagonist and main secondary character, and the way the gameplay works with the time-travel ability is pretty cool.

Jacob Preston

The original Life Is Strange was one of the first games to have me in tears at the end and I am hoping that this ‘sequel’ will be just as good 🙂

Dmytro Voloshyn

Same feelings here 🙂


Dmytro Voloshyn

Well, it is basically an immersive interactive movie, if you will. So if you aren’t used to such type of games, you might not have enough patience or desire to dive into it.

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