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Life is Strange: Episode 2 Where to find the 5 Bottles

If you're wondering where the five bottles are in episode two of Life is Strange, this is the guide for you. Life is Strange, published in 2015 by Square Enix, was one of the most obscure titles ...

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Life Is Strange Devs Tease Sequel To Smash Hit

A recent DeckNine Games blog post may have confirmed the possibility of a sequel to the successful time-traveling epic Life Is Strange. The prequel, Before The Storm, has just released and will receiv...

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Life is Strange coming to iOS tomorrow

Square Enix today announced that DONTNOD Entertainment’s award-winning, five-episode narrative-driven adventure Life is Strange is coming to iPhone and iPad, setting a new benchmark for the adventure ...

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Life Is Strange Sequel Incoming?

Time wielding powers await you in a new emotional adventure! Dontnod announces that work on a new Life Is Strange game has been in progress since 2016. Even though the new entry is not labelled a sequ...

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Do we want a second season of Life Is Strange?

Throughout 2015, the emotional story of Max and Chloe captured my heart, but should Dontnod make a sequel to this masterpiece? Video game masterpieces are hard to come by, that is a fact. When I playe...

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Life is Strange is to be adapted into a Digital Series

Life is strange is an Award winning Episodic Game, as you may know Life Is Strange Episode 1 is now free to play! On top of this there are now plans to develop the hit game into a Digital Show. Legend...

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Play Life is Strange for free!

Starting tomorrow, the first episode of Life is Strange, Chrysalis, is going to be free to download on PlayStation and Xbox consoles as well as on PC and Mac. Starting tomorrow, the first episode of L...

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Life Is Strange Review

Though the threat of the tornado constantly looms like a force of nature (obviously), it pales in comparison to the storm of tragedy that grows around Max and her friend Chloe as dangerous secrets are...

8.5 Great

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