5 Great Forwards in Football Manager 2020 Mobile

Check out this player guide that provides details on 5 great forwards in Football Manager 2020 Mobile to beef up your front line with. Every footie team needs forwards to bang in the goals, and these players are ripe for the picking.

5 Great Forwards in Football Manager 2020 Mobile

Football Manager 2020 Mobile is one of the most detailed football management simulators for mobile devices, which includes a huge database of real players consisting of goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, and forwards. A great forward who scores and assists lots of goals will undoubtedly be a big asset to your team. You can’t expect to win trophies in Football Manager 2020 Mobile without at least one decent forward who scores a good number of goals. If you need to bolster your team’s attack, check out these 5 great forwards in Football Manager 2020 Mobile.

1. Moussa Marega

Moussa Marega is a clinical finisher who leads the line for Porto. This is a goal-poacher with excellent ratings for finishing (17), movement (19), and strength (19). He’s also an extremely quick and fit player with 16 ratings for both pace and stamina. Furthermore, Marega is very strong in the air and will head quite a few crosses and corners into the back of the net. With eight attribute ratings at 15 or higher, Marega is a terrific forward who can score more than 30 goals a season in most countries.

Marega's attribute ratings

Marega’s attribute ratings

As Marega is 28, he’s very much a player at a peak age who has about four or five good seasons to offer. The player is valued at 8.5 million, which makes him a real potential bargain. You might be able to snap him up for about 25-30 million. Even a 40 million transfer for Marega would still be very good value.

2. Rafael Leao

Leao is something of a wonderkid who plays for AC-Milan. This is a defensive forward who has dribbling, technique, strength, and pace ratings of 15 (out of 20). The best thing about his game is the aerial threat he carries with an aerial attribute rating of 16. Leao’s shooting and movement ratings of 13 and 12 aren’t that good, but remember that this is a very young forward with ratings that can and will notably increase over five or six years.

Leao's attribute ratings

Leao’s attribute ratings

Leao has immense future potential at 20 years, and he’s even been dubbed the new Ronaldo Luís! The player is valued at 24 million, but AC-Milan might be a bit reluctant to let a potential superstar go without you making a somewhat larger transfer bid. You might need to make a 50+ million bid for Ronaldo in 2019, and his transfer value will inevitably increase with his attribute ratings. Nevertheless, you can probably snap him up for less than 90 million, which is an affordable transfer for the bigger clubs in Spain, Italy, England, Germany, Holland, and France.

3. Timo Werner

Werner is a pacey poacher who plays for RB Leipzig in Football Manager 2020 Mobile. This is a forward with outstanding shooting, movement, and pace attribute ratings of 19 and 18. He’s a very fit and aggressive player who makes good decisions on the pitch. Werner also has good dribbling and creativity ratings of 14. His strength and technique could be a bit better, but there’s plenty of scope to enhance those ratings in training as Werner is a younger player at 23 years.

Werner's attribute ratings

Werner’s attribute ratings

Werner is valued at 37.5 million in 2019, and you’ll have to make a bigger bid than that to sign him. However, there’s a 52 million release fee clause in Werner’s contract. Therefore, you won’t need to make a bid any higher than 52 million to sign this player! That contract clause makes Werner a bit of a bargain as he would be worth signing for 80 million.

4. Circo Immobile

Lazio’s Circo Immobile is a striker with outstanding shooting and movement. This forward also has high ratings for teamwork, stamina, aggression, and decisions. Immobile’s pace and creativity stats are pretty good. He’s very much a player at peak age (29) who will score plenty of goals for your team for about four seasons before his attribute ratings start declining.

Immobile's attribute ratings

Immobile’s attribute ratings

Immobile is valued at 46.5 million. You’ll probably have to make a somewhat larger bid to add him to your team. However, it’s worth stumping up 90-100 million for him as he’ll often rack up more than 20 goals a season in Europe’s top leagues.

5. Alexander Isak

Isak plays for Real San Sebastian in Spain’s First Division. This is a striker with great pace and strong finishing. With an aerial rating of 15, Isak will score a good number of goals by heading in crosses. This player also has good technique, creativity, and movement attribute ratings.

Isak's attribute ratings

Isak’s attribute ratings

At 19 years, Isak is a really hot prospect who will get better and better over at least six years. Marega and Immobile might have better attribute ratings, but he could be as good as them at the same age. He’s valued at 28.5 million in 2019, which makes him affordable for most top clubs in Europe. You’ll probably need to make a bid of at least 40-50 million to sign him, which is well worth it for a player who will score loads of goals for your team across 10 seasons.

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Those are 5 great forwards in Football Manager 2020 Mobile who will be red-hot players in your teams. They’ll score plenty of goals, and your teams will probably win more games with them. So, check them out!

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