5 Great Central Defenders in Football Manager 2020 Mobile

This player guide tells you about five great central defenders in Football Manager 2020 Mobile to beef up your teams’ defenses with. A couple of great central defenders in a Football Manager team can make a big difference to the number of goals it concedes. So, check out the center backs in this article.

5 Great Central Defenders in Football Manager 2020 Mobile

Whatever formations you select for your Football Manager 2020 teams, you’ll need to have at least a couple of central defenders (or center backs) for your team. Central defenders are players who play in the center of defenses and defend their goals inside penalty areas. Signing top-class central defenders can reduce the number of goals your teams concede. These are five great central defenders in Football Manager 2020 Mobile to strengthen your teams with.

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1. Strahinja Pavlovic

Pavlovic is a young central defender who plays for Monaco (but loaned to Partizan in 2019). This is a wonderkid with high attribute ratings of 16 for strength and aerial play. He also has good attribute ratings for tackling, positioning, and aggression.

Pavlovic's attribute ratings

Pavlovic’s attribute ratings

Pavolovic is already a very decent defender who at 18 years has immense future potential. He’s valued at a modest 6.75 million, so you probably won’t need to break the bank to sign him. His value will certainly increase significantly as his attribute ratings get higher. If you wait a few years after 2019 to sign him, he’ll have generally better attribute ratings but will probably cost you more.

2. Jonathan Tah

Bayer Leverkusen’s Jonathan Tah is already a top-class central defender at 23. He’s an extremely strong central defender with a strength rating of 18 (out of 20). Tah’s heading and tackling are notable strengths of his game. With an attribute rating of 16 for decisions, he’ll seldom, if ever, make any defensive blunders that will cost your team goals.

Tah's attribute ratings

Tah’s attribute ratings

Tah’s player value in 2019 amounts to 27.5 million, but you’ll probably need to place a bid closer to 50 million to sign him. He’s worth making a big bid as his defensive game has few weaknesses. Furthermore, Tah also has quite a lot of future potential as he’s about five years short of peak age for a player.

3. Luiz Felipe

Lazio’s Felipe is another young player with high ratings for the most important defender attributes. His tackling is excellent. He’s a very aggressive player who will impose himself on games (but maybe get booked a lot as well). Felipe also has very decent attribute ratings for strength, stamina, positioning, aerial, and teamwork.

Felipe's attribute ratings

Felipe’s attribute ratings

As Felipe is 22, he can play for your team for 10 years. His 15.75 million value is definitely small for a player of his quality. However, Lazio feel that he’s an indispensable player. So, you’ll have to make a much bigger bid than 15.75 million to sign him.

4. Guillermo Maripan

Maripan is a non-nonsense center-back who plays for AS Monaco and the Chilean international team. His aerial play and defensive positioning are the greatest strengths of his game. Maripan also has high attribute ratings of 15 for tackling, strength, and stamina.

Maripan's attribute ratings

Maripan’s attribute ratings

Maripan has some future potential as he’s three years younger than the peak playing age of 28. So, his attribute ratings will still increase for about two or three seasons. This player is valued at 12.5 million, and his club is open to offers for him. So, you can snap him up for less than 40 million, which is good value for a great central defender.

5. Wallace

Wallace is a central defender who’s in Lazio’s squad for the 2019/20 season (but loaned to Braga). This defender has several green player attribute ratings. He’s a very strong and aggressive center back with outstanding positional play. Wallace also has high attribute ratings for tacking, aerial play, teamwork, and stamina.

Wallace's attribute ratings

Wallace’s attribute ratings

Wallace is already a great central defender at 24, and he’s still four years off peak playing age. So, his attribute ratings will get even better for about three seasons. He’s slightly undervalued at 7.75 million. You can probably sign him for a fee of about 20-25 million, which is a very good deal.

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So, take your pick from those great central defenders in Football Manager 2020 Mobile. They’re rock-solid defenders who will be invaluable additions to most teams.

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